7 Ways Papandreou Sabotaged the Greek Economy

1. VAT Increases

The less you earn the greater proportion of your earning you spend every month. The less you earn the more you are effected by VAT. Government is targeting working class for more tax revenues, despite claiming to be socialist

7 Ways Papandreou Destroyed The Greek Economy
7 Ways Papandreou Destroyed The Greek Economy

Conclusion – Papandreou is acting in direct conflict to stated goals of being on the side of the common man.

2. Increase of fuel tax

As with VAT, the less you earn the greater proportion of your earnings you spend on energy. Fuel is part of every single good on sale. Fuel duty increases the price of all products including energy for the home. Papandreou claims the way out for Greece is to grow economy and yet he increases the cost of living and doing business in Greece

Conclusion – Papandreou is acting in direct conflict with stated aims. He is increasing business costs and the cost of living while claiming he wants to grow the economy.

3. No effort to improve tax collection

As of July 2011 less than 10 tax inspections took place in the whole of Greece. This is depsite Pandareou claiming tax evasion is seriously effecting government revenues. Government not interested in dealing with fundamental issues despite claiming the contrary

Conclusion – Papandreou is acting is direct conflict with stated objectives. He claims tax collection is an issue but does nothing to address it.

4. Increasing taxes on small businesses

Papandreou claims government is too big and needs to be cut but at the same time imposes taxes on private businesses who ultimately must employ the people being laid off by government. Papanedreou claims to want to increase productivity of Greek economy.

Conclusion – Papandreou’s actions are in complete conflict with his stated objectives. He claims he wants to cut government but does not government and instead increases unemployment by increasing business costs.

5. Property tax

Government increases tax on property massively. More money taken out of people’s pockets with no corresponding increase in government spending. This will obviously lead to less money in the Greek economy.

Conclusion – Papandreou is acting in direct contravention of his stated objectives. He claims to want to grow economy while taking money out of the Greek economy while at the same time making life more expensive (see points 1,2,3 & 4)

6. Targeting profitbale state owned companies for privitaisation

Government claims that the privitisations of proftiable Greek companies is the ideal way to reduce government deficit.

Conclusion – Papandreou acting in direct conflict with stated goals. The government claims it needs more income hence tax increases and yet the government is proposing selling of streams of income ie profitable state owned companies.

7. Fantastical claims during election campaign

Papandreou claimed to understand Greece’s problems during the last election campaign. He made numerous speeches claiming that he would tax the rich of Greece as they had the money to bail out the government. Papandreou since he has been in power has shown he has no apetite at all to tax the rich.

Conclusion – Papandreou has acted contrary to his election promises. The lower and middle class have been hit by Papandreou’s actions massively more than Greece’s rich elite.

These points are by no means exhaustive.

It is clear that Papandreou and his PASOK government fully understand Greece’s problems. They have acknowledged that the public sector is far too large for the private sector to carry.

They have acknowledged that massive cuts need to be made in government spending and they acknowledge that changes need to happen as a matter of urgency.

Many speechs have been made by Papandreou and the PASOK government echoing the sentiments and beliefs of the Greek people and foriegn leaders and foreign institutions.

Yet despite saying all the rights things, Papandreou and his PASOK government have acted counter to all the words and statements of intent.

In my opinion they are doing everything in their power to bring Greece to its knees. They do this as a means of extracting as much wealth out of the Greek people as possible. The government cannot pay its bills so it is forcing the private citizen to step in and pick up the tab.

Papandreou’s actions are exactly what I would expect from someone who is representing banks who have made huge loans to the Greek government, loans which are in grave danger of going bad. Papadreou’s mission was to do increase the amount of money the government was confiscating from the Greek people in order to keep these loans afloat.

As things have progressed Greece is now at the point where the government is simply shifting it liabilities onto the Greek people in the form of taxes which are impossible to pay.

The only logical explanation is that Papandreou is an operative of the central banks and of the banks that lend money to governments.

If you disagree or agree with me I would love to here your opinions


14 thoughts on “7 Ways Papandreou Sabotaged the Greek Economy

  1. This is so true. You should check the involvement of the brother of G.Papandreou with the CDS’s concerning the default of Greece. This is the reason that G.Papandreou is destroying this country (I don’t say “his country” because he doesn’t feel that Greece is his country, since he is Greek by only a 1/4 – and some say by not even that). He will gain many tenths of billions by the CDS’s! He is an idiot version of Al Capone with the help of course of the idiot voters and of his smart friends (Soros etc) who will gain too from a potential default of Greece.

  2. I have to disagree with you simply because you have misspelled the Prime Ministers surname and please do not say it was a type error. (5th Point, Conclusion) “Panadreou”? The N & P keys are not next to each other on your keyboard. If you want people to take you serious, you must be correct of everything you write… You may go back and rectify it? 🙂

  3. The Greeks have only themselves to blame. In 1974 with the collapse of the military junta at the request of both Constantine Karamanlis and Andreas Papandreou the moronic Greek voter supported the abolition of the monarchy. The new republican constitution gave the power to both Karamanlis and Papandreou, when their turn came to govern, to be able to do as they pleased.

    Well that is exactly what they did, they did as they pleased and stuffed the country. It is sad to see that the post 1974 constitution gave the same dictatorial power that had been enjoyed by the military junta from 1967 to 1974 to the Karamanlis and Papandreou political parties.

    It is time for a new military dictatorship to take power in Greece so that the can sort things out. Unfortunately democracy cannot work in the land of its birth.

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