Greece – US Congress Exposes Greek Government’s Corruption

You have the leader of the congress in the USA John Boenher saying how a country becomes prosperous and then you have Greece doing the exact opposite.


Boenher says the following, and I think most people with an ounce of business experience will agree and especially those who have ever started and or maintain a small business.

His main points are this

1. Small businesses are key to any economy

2. An economy with a solid foundation needs small businesses that are healthy and competitive

3. Increasing taxes on small businesses is a sure-fire way to start a recession

4. The only way to increase government revenue sustainably is to have a growing economy

5. Lower taxes help economies grow

6. Higher taxes cause the growth of economies to slow down

7. You cannot grow an economy by increasing taxes.

8. You don’t need to increase taxes to increase revenue. You have to simplify the tax system and close loop holes.

And then you have Greece and the Greek government.

The Greek government is doing the exact opposite to what is considered “healthy”.

The actions of the Greek government are so polar to what needs to be done to grow an economy it leaves only two explanations.

1. The politicians and trade unions are so desperate to hold onto power they are prepared to take down the country rather than lose their jobs

2. The politicians and trade unions, through some twisted logic, are trying to bring the country to its knees.


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