Desperate Demagogue (and Close Romney Ally) Netanyahu Can Start a War, but Cannot Finish It

Tarpley on PressTV: The much touted Israeli “Iron Dome” Defense System is not working very well. If Israeli can’t stop rockets from Gaza, the next step may be land invasion, which has proven disastrous for them in the past. Civilized Humanity condemns such military incursions. Netanyahu is a desperate demagogue facing an obliterated domestic economy. He has bungled, botched, in a crude and stupid way, his main client relationship with US. After going out on a limb for his friend Romney, this has now boomeranged as the US neocon network, leadership within the pentagon, and subversive officers within the military are losing elections, falling to scandal, and being dismissed. Netanyahu’s desperate adventure in Gaza will demonstrate that he can start a war, but cannot finish it.


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