Why Democracy = Tyranny – The Issue We All Pretend Not To Notice

So what is democracy? Democracy serves to give “legitimacy” to an entity that has the “right” to kill people if they do not do as they are told.


This entity is called the “state” or the “government”. The purpose of democracy is to make sure this entity which has the legal monopoly on the use of deadly force acts in the way the majority wants.

Democracy goes along the lines of this.

It’s ok to have this entity in our midst, just as long as they have the “approval” of the majority. You never hear the status quo being questioned as to why it is okay for an entity to have the legal monopoly on the use of deadly force.

Does it really make any difference that this entity is able to use violence against people if the majority of people “support” it?

Does it make it any more “right” if one thousand people are prepared to kill an individual compared to ten people being prepared to kill an individual?

I would say most people would say no and yet most people believe democracy is necessary.

Is it correct to say this entity that we call the government will kill people if they do not do as the government wishes?

Let’s eliminate any doubt. If you refuse to pay taxes and the police come knocking at your door to kidnap you and you protect yourself with the use of a gun, the government will kill you for not co-operating. So let us not be in any doubt as to what the government has the ability to do “legally”.

So why do we “need” democracy?

As I stated above, the purpose of democracy is to give this entity the facade of legitimacy but again do we really need democracy?

Let us imagine a country where the government did not have the monopoly on the use of force. Would this country need democracy?

Of course the answer is no.

People in this country would be free to follow whatever political beliefs they wished. If groups of people wanted to live under the guiding philosophy of communism they are free to do so. If people in this country wanted to live in a capitalist way they would be free to do so.

In short, when the government no longer has the “right” to kill the people, there is no longer the need for democracy.

Everyone gets what they want.

Socialists are no longer forced to contribute to capitalistic governments, capitalists are no longer forced to contribute to socialist governments. Everyone is free to live in the way they think is right, without the fear of being murdered or kidnapped by the majority.

The only reason we have democracy is to give legitimacy to a force that can kill people “legally”.

Take the violence out of the political equation and you have a country that is more free and you have a society in which everyone is free to live according to the beliefs they believe in and they no longer have to contribute to entities which they disagree with.

Democracy is not required in a country where the government does not have the ability to kill its citizens. Democracy becomes irrelevant and unnecessary.


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