Joe Rogan vs Alex Jones – Rogan’s Naivety Exposed

Joe Rogan did an in-depth interview with Alex Jones, see video below. Joe Rogan was extremely open in the interview but one thing about Rogan’s beliefs did stand out.

Alex was highlighting the unlikelihood of the government’s story regarding many things including the killing of Bin Laden.

Rogan’s response to this was that we have to go with the government’s story because that is the only evidence we have.

And this is why I say Rogan is naive. If you follow his reasoning to its logical conclusion the only news that Rogan believes will come from the government and that means Rogan’s reality is what the government says it is.

I believe Rogan wants the truth and he has his suspicions about government motives but he has to start to realise that the reality might be different to what the government says. If he does not believe this then the only reality he has is the reality created by government. And needless to say, the government might not be telling the truth all of the time.

Here is the interview.


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