Connecticut School Shooting – Is Gun Control The Problem? The Facts

Whenever there is a mass shooting anywhere in the world, immediately the media blames guns. But is this logical?

The facts are this. The USA has around 14 times more guns than the UK per head of population or to put it another way the USA has 1,400% more guns than the UK.

And yet you have an almost identical chance of being a murder victim in a massacre in the UK as you do in the USA.

In short, any rational and/or intelligent analysis of these type of incidents should rule out gun control as being  a contributing factor immediately.

It is the lowest level of journalism to see so-called respectable media outlets such as BBC & CNN concentrating on gun control laws when there is no correlation between gun ownership and the likely hood of being a victim of a massacre.

Let me say that again, there is no statistical correlation between gun ownership and the chances of people being murder victims in a massacre.

I will be honest, I used to be of the mind that guns were obviously the problem. But after the Liege shootings and the Batman shooting I looked at it in more detail. Mainly because I was under the impression that Belgium had strict gun controls.

But after looking at the statistics of massacres throughout the world over the past 100 years and looking at the level of gun control in the countries where the massacres occurred I found no link between the two measurements.

I do not pretend to be a journalist, but if the limited research I did shows conclusively that there is no link between gun laws and massacres it makes me ask questions as to why so-called full-time professional journalists do not highlight this obvious fact.

I believe this kind of shallow journalism is not only misleading but it also endangers the population. By not looking for the true causes of these types of events we are not able to stop them from happening in the future.

Going back to the Connecticut school shooting specifically.

From what I understand at the moment, the victims were very young children. I do not believe guns make a person want to kill children as opposed to adults or animals.

To repeat, I do not see how guns make an individual want to kill children as opposed to adults or animals or even targets.

And I do not believe guns are the deciding factor on whether this type of person carries out a massacre or not. If a person is of the mind that they are to kill young children I do not believe that not having access to a gun is going to stop them. If a person is prepared to go to a school and kill young children I do not believe they care what weapon they use.

Clearly guns do not make people want to kill children specifically. The shooter in the Connecticut was clearly suffering from mental issues and I would go as far as to say for someone to carry out this kind of shooting they would have to be under the influence of a psychedelic drug.

And yet we see no so-called respectable media outlets exploring this possibility.

Their sole focus is on the something that has no statistical significance.

You could say access to guns increased the killing capability of the Connecticut shooter but I would take you back to the foundation of the argument.

You are no more likely to me the victim of a shooting massacre in the USA than in the UK despite there being 1,400% more guns in the USA.

In short, and to state the obvious, someone who is prepared to murder young children does not care about going to prison and this automatically make it easier for them to get hold of a gun because they are prepared to do it illegally.

Let me restate that point. Gun control laws only effect law-abiding citizens. Criminals will always have a way of obtaining guns.

A person that is prepared to carry out a massacre of young children at a school in broad daylight has absolutely no fear of the law.

The fact that mass murderers have no fear of the consequences of murdering young children automatically means that they will be prepared to either obtain guns through illegal channels or that they will simply steal the weapons they need.

And given that they do not care about the consequences this allows them to go to extreme lengths to obtain a weapon. If a person is prepared to shoot young children then they are certainly prepared to kill someone who they know has a gun, whether this be a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or even a police officer or soldier.

Gun laws will make no difference to someone who is prepared to die or is prepared to go to prison. Gun laws have no statistical connection due to murders by massacre.

In short gun laws are a complete non issue, the cause of massacres is clearly down to the mental state of the perpetrator, we need to understand what drives people to these acts if we want to stop them. Gun control laws will have no effect and that is a statistical fact.

To finish, here is a list put together by a Greek newspaper which highlights school massacres since 1996. As you can seen per head of population the USA is nowhere near the top of the list and this is despite the fact that the USA has many times more guns per person than any other country on the planet.

To repeat, stricter gun controls will not stop mass shootings.

Ta Nea (Translated with Google)

Below are the bloodiest attacks on schools and universities since 1996.

  • On 13 March 1996, at Ntanmplein, Scotland, one 43chronos unemployed in an apparent act of revenge, he shoots and kills 16 primary school students and their teacher in an elementary school. Immediately after committing suicide.
  • On 20 April 1999, two juvenile students armed with rifles shot and killed 12 classmates and a teacher in high school Koloumpain in the U.S. state of Colorado.The two juvenile offenders and then commit suicide.
  • On 26 April 2002, in Erfurt, Germany, a 19 year old, who had been expelled from the Gutenberg high school goes to school and killing 12 teachers, two students, the secretary of the school and a police officer before committing suicide.
  • On October 2, 2006, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, an actor kills five Amish girls in school.
  • On 16 April 2007, at Blaksmpergk in the U.S. state of Virginia, a 23 year old student from South Korea goes to Virginia Tech University and killed 32 students and teachers. When police arrived on campus, the perpetrator was dead.
  • On 7 November 2007, the Finnish town Touousoula, a 18 year old student kills six students the school nurse and the principal before killing himself
  • On February 14, 2008, seven people, among them the actor-former-student of sociology, killed at a university in the U.S. state of Illinois.
  • On 23 September 2008, ten dead in school Kaouchatzoki, 300 km north-west of the Finnish capital, Helsinki.
  • On 11 March 2009, a 17 year old former student shot and killed nine students and a teacher at a school in Vinenten, southern Germany.
  • On April 30, 2009, in Baku, Azerbaijan, an actor kills 12 students and faculty at the Academy of Petroleum.
  • On April 7, 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a former student killed 12 children and commits suicide in elementary school.
  • On 19 March 2012, a religious teacher, his two sons and daughter of the director, killed at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. The 23 year old Algerian-origin-actor died after a police operation that lasted 32 hours.
  • On April 2, 2012, in Auckland, in the U.S. state of California, a former student kills seven people.
  • On December 14, 2012 at least twenty elementary students and six adults were killed at school in Newtown, Connecticut. Dead and the perpetrator.

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