Connecticut School Shooting – Why Knee Jerk Reactions Endanger Americans

Connecticut school shooting – As usual with these events gun control laws are in the firing line. But before we buy the line that gun control is the problem lets look at the consequences of knee jerk reactions by politicians.

By allowing a lone gunman to manipulate government policy a Pandora’s box is opened.

Knee jerk reactions to Connecticut school shooting endangers Americans

When it can be seen that a single man can change government policy or change laws on a national scale it creates a huge window of opportunity for those parties who are prepared to do harm to get what they want.

When parties that wish to manipulate government policy can see that one man can get the job done it creates a massive temptation.

When a party that wants to change government policy can see that instead of working with the system they can instead use one man to fast forward the process it is hard to believe that there are not some people who will find the opportunity too much to resist.

And this is why knee jerk reactions endanger Americans.

It makes the government look weak.

It shows that the government is easily manipulated.

It creates a temptation that some people will find too much to resist.

For these reasons it is imperative that the American government looks strong in the face of these kind of actions.

It is imperative that the US government identifies the true causes of these incidents rather than jumping to conclusions.

If the US government looks weak and malleable in the face of such atrocities it makes the American people a future target.

If it is shown that the actions of one man can change US government policy you can be sure that there are entities in this world that will want to exploit this weakness in whichever way they can.

Whether it be at the extreme end of the spectrum such as the Connecticut school shooting or something more benign, the principle is the same.

The US government cannot show it is weak, if it does it makes itself and the American people a target for those who wish to do harm and that will endanger US citizens.


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