Connecticut School Shooting & The Hamas Connection

Imagine for a moment that Hamas were a psychotic organisation that wanted to kill innocent people for no reason

Do we propose that it should be more difficult for Israel to obtain weapons?

When there are dangerous government regimes in our midst, do we propose that neighbouring countries should have their ability to buy weapons limited?

In short does it make sense for the US government to be calling for Americans be less able to defend themselves when there are potential mass murderers in the population?

During the cold war, did the US government take the position that is what better for world peace if the number of nuclear weapons were decreased even if it meant only the bad countries were left with them?

Of the course the answer is “no” to all of these questions.

Mass murderers by definition have no concerns about breaking the law so they are not going to be affected by tighter gun laws.

Criminals by definition have little concern for the law and the more serious the crime they are prepared to commit the less they car about the law. The more serious the crime the less effect gun control laws have.

Some gun control statistics.

There is no connection between Hamas and the Connecticut school shooting but what is clear is that making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms is a sure-fire way to expose yourself to attack, the actions and words of government throughout the world, including the US government, confirms this.



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