Greek Government Attempting To Eliminate Cash From Greek Economy

I have written about this before but things have gone a stage further today. Today the Greek finance minister has openly admitted that the Greek government wants to limit cash transactions

“In this way we seek to limit cash transactions and are favored by tax evasion. “

Why does the Greek government want to eliminate cash?

Even though cash is no longer tied to a commodity like Gold or Silver there are still limits to its production. The bluff of banks can still be called ie people can still go into banks and demand their money in hard currency.

Or in other words, banks are still accountable to the people they serve through banks runs. They have to be run semi sensibly for fear of their customers losing confidence in them.

When physical money is eliminated and money is simply figures on a computer screen any trace of accountability is lost and banks have complete free rein.

With no physical cash banks and specifically the money centre banks can manipulate the currency at will with no consequences. They are no longer accountable to their account holders.

A cashless society really is the final step to total control of the population by central banks and the total loss of individual liberty.

With no cash citizens can simply have their “money” seized by government. People will no longer be able to function without bank or government approval. If cash becomes illegal there is no escape for the citizens, they become total dependent on the central bank/government control grid.

And this policy is not isolated to Greece. The link at the start of the article details similar news stories from around the world showing how governments are clamping down on the use of cash.

Anyone who has any experience of Greece will know that cash transactions are 99% of all transactions. To eliminate cash in Greece will be a major cultural shift and with such low confidence in banks you have to imagine that Greek ingenuity will overcome any nonsense laws.




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