Greeks Support The Welsh Perspective – re Lagarde List & Austerity

I left a comment on this newspapers website yesterday and as of today I have 27 thumbs up!

 Do Greeks Understand What Is Happening  | 1/9/2013 eleven fifty-eight

Apologies for writing in English. I am commenting because I see the “Lagarde List” dominating the news headlines in Greece and I wonder if Greeks really understand the plan for their country. If the plan for 2020 goes ahead it will mean the Greek economy will have shrunk by 88%. Let me break the 88% figure down so it is easier to understand. 50 Billion debt repayment by 2020 96 billion Euro trade deficit until 2020 96 billion Euro reduction in government spending until 2020 50 96 96 = 242 billion Euros out of the Greek economy by 2020 whose size today is 270 billion. Greece has much bigger problems than the Lagarde List

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