Greece – Extrajudicial Seizure Of Citizen’s Assets To Start

My predictions for Greece for 2013 included the Greek government bypassing the legal system to seize the assets of citizens. We are not even out of January yet and it has already been announced.

To quote

“Moreover, writes “Free Press”, will mobilize and new methods, such as direct seizure of any funds will be deposited into the bank accounts of debtors, as any kind of income or revenue.”

“and new methods of “coercion” debtors, including seizures income, assets and deposits.”

“These debts that departments of the Ministry of Finance will seek to obtain from their indebted citizens using all available “range” of coercive recovery measures, ie seizures salary pensions and other income, as well as seizure of movable and immovable assets.”

Greeks have been compliant until now but this sort of action could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

If you have ever seen someone get their car clamped or towed away you know how calm and sensible people can completely lose it, how Greeks are going to react to their car getting seized I don’t know, personally I don’t think Greece has the police manpower to carry out the job without even addressing the possibility of the police not having the will to assist in the seizures.

Why would Greeks be so incensed? Because they are in the right. The loans are mortgages that they have taken out were done in a completely different economy to the one in the country now. I have highlighted ad nauseam how the Greek government has sabotaged the Greek economy, there is no way in my mind that the Greek government can justifiably blame Greeks for unpaid taxes.

The Greek government has put people in an impossible position. They have cut benefit spending, they have cut public sector wages and yet they have increased taxes massively. In short the government is an even bigger drain on the economy than it was in 2007.

The blame for overdue taxes lies firmly at the feet of the government, there is no way they can morally expect to seize the assets of Greek citizens for unpaid taxes given that the same government is the one that has put people in a position where it is impossible for people to pay these same taxes.

The government has put people in financial difficulty and now it is punishing them extra-judicially.



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