Assualt Weapon Ban – Will US Government Compensate Victims Of New Law

So the US government wants to stop people from buying “assault weapons” and limit the size of magazines. My question

is will the government compensate the families of victims who run out of bullets when they confront an intruder and are subsequently murdered by said intruder?

Why is the mainstream media and the US government putting the people in danger? And will they compensate people for the results of their actions?

I wrote a brief article detailing the effects of gun laws on homicide rates and violent crime rates in the USA by state, Forbes have gone a step further had reviewed the most advanced research ever done on the issue.

Why is the US government going against the facts? The facts show that the more guns there are the less crime there is. Dont take my word for it, see what the world’s foremost authority has to say.

And if you want anecdotal evidence check this video. The people being interviewed are journalists who are anti-gun, in case the level of hypocrisy is not obvious.




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