Greece 2012 – A Country In Pictures (Vimeo)

Athens_Tyrannosaurus from George on Vimeo.


0 thoughts on “Greece 2012 – A Country In Pictures (Vimeo)

  1. Nice pictures of gypsies and illegal asian and african immigrants that Greece is obligated to take in because the rest of the EU..(including UK ) refuse to accept…You let bankrupt Greece to deal with YOUR problem… And by the way these are only some ghetto areas of Athens..Thats not how MY country looks like…My country is extremely beautiful and will make it through this once again…We are around for 7000 years so far..We ve went through much worse than this…Greece never dies

    1. “by the way these are only some ghetto areas of Athens”
      i personaly recognize strictly city center of Athens
      and if i am correct they are Not only immigrants.
      Yes, there are immigrants.
      I ll tell you a secret though, they are humans as well.
      Yes, this is not the only face of the country. But this is real, it is there. It s growing.
      Last, generally you speak like average greek. It is a pity. You eihter voted for GD or Burned Greeks.
      Hope you find your way to the truth and reality.
      take care

  2. Xrysa is correct; it is an accurate picture of the city centre. And if Athens is a picture of Greece, then it is an accurate picture of Greece. If Greece has prevailed for all these years this is good for us, however, we have an issue now. And before we start accusing anyone for our poor state of affairs (immigrant influx, IMF, Merkel etc), we need to reflect as to how we ALL contributed to this. And how we keep contributing by tolerating corrupt / incapable politicians, dodgy bank practices etc.
    One point to make; WE invited all those immigrants, and in the ’90s they were the ones who put us out of a very difficult situation with skill shortage, since nobody wanted to work as a farmer, plumber, street cleaner, shoe repairer, construction worker etc (anything that did not involve a degree or some form of tertiary education). It is not the immigrants’ fault that dodgy Greek employers did not have them in any books as employees because they did not want to pay contributions to the health insurance funds, pension funds etc. As an example of the “ingenious” way the Greek employers manipulated the system, you will probably remember what they did with personnel employed by OAED; OAED would provide employers with trainees, who would be paid by OAED for the first six months, and after that period, the employer would have to pay the trainee if they wished to keep them or let them go. Irrespective to whether the trainees were good or not, the employees would sack the trainee on the 6 month anniversary date and request OAED to provide them with a new one. This way they were getting free labour, while us common tax payers would pay for these people salaries. So, the ones benefited were the “clever” shopkeepers and small business people. One example of what we did and tolerated.
    We all knew about that, we all knew that several professional groups (like doctors, lawyers, shopkeepers etc) were cooking the books and not declaring all income to the tax man. We all knew there was tax evasion and we all tolerated it or contributed even (how many times is it that you did not ask for a receipt in exchange of a further cut to the price?). Even now, in 2013 and in the midst of the crisis we have people who still try not to issue receipts for goods or services rendered. Have we learnt our lesson? I very much doubt it.
    The thief in this country is called “kapatsos” (meaning smart) and the law abiding is called an idiot, a stuck up person and a loser. You tell me, who has lost, the tax dodgers or the tax payers? The answer is both.
    Yes, Greece has beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscape, but is this what we have come down to, considering Greece a welfare centre for Europe and the rest of us being the waiters and prostitutes of Europe? What is the plan for building infrastructure, where is our industry, what is our industry, what can we do to improve? It seems that the only reason we have these governments for is not to manage the country, but rather to keep the doors open for the big corporations to loot. And despite the fact that we recognise it, we tolerate them and we vote for them again and again and again….
    We need to change our ways before we criticise anyone for our demise. Honestly, the signs are discouraging.

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