Greek Conspiracy Theory – A Coordinated Attempt To Manipulate Government?

Is there a coordinated attempt to manipulate Greek government policy and those who report and implement the policy? Or are we simply looking at a series of coincidences. You decide. From a post on Yanis Varoufakis’s blog

Yanis – All of the points you make. They could all be true but let me add something.

Could they be “some” of the intended consequences of something more sinister?

Let me start by setting the scene. Gleichschaltung.

Following on this theme of bringing the political space into line. Has anything happened that would support such a thing happening in Greece?

The filing of criminal charges against a government statistician.

ELSTAT has previously been acknowledged by Papandreou as being completely independent from government. . ELSTAT spokespersons have been quoted publicly in the past saying how the governments finances are in a catastrophic state or words to that effect. I do not have a source to refer to but if anyone else has please feel free to chip in.

So what other evidence do we have of departments of the government being threatened and intimidated?

Arguably the judiciary is the most important to get into line first as they are the troops on the ground if you like with regards to implementing government “measures”.

So what evidence do we have of the Greek judiciary being intimidated?

Explosion at Thessaloniki courthouse

Explosion at Athens courthouse

Greek Athens courthouse bombed

Deputy Justice Minister’s officers ransacked and two of his aides attacked with hammers

Slightly tenuous? bomb outside Athens prison

The government itself obviously has to be in line so what evidence do we have of Greek politicians being intimidated?

Bomb detonates outside the Greek parliament

Revelations of conspiracy to assassinate Greek prime minister prior to Samaras taking office

Letter explodes in office of Citizen’s protection ministry killing an aide. The citizens protection ministry oversees the police.

Gunmen armed with AK47s open fire on the head offices of Greece’s ruling party “with one bullet being found in the office of the prime minister” –

Historical perspective. 1989, Leader of Greek parliament assassinated

Outspoken journalists are always in the firing line of oppressive governments. The evidence of intimidation of the media?

Journalist assassinated

IEDs detonate outside the homes of 5 journalists

Greek journalist arrested

Greek journalist arrested

And we now have a bomb placed in a shopping mall resulting in the Greek minister public protection saying the judiciary in effect are not doing their job.

In short, the charging of a government statistician with criminal offences is just another example of an incident that will inevitably have a cooling effect on anyone wishing to speak out against the Greek regime or anyone in the government apparatus that wants to express independent thought.

These are the facts and they are obviously open to interpretation. Coordinated events or simply a series of coincidences………………



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