Scottish Independence – Threats(?) From Cameron Or Encouragement For Salmond

The news story today on Scottish independence is how Scotland would have to apply for EU, NATO and UN membership as it is a new country. This is being portrayed as a brake on the SNP but is it really?

Apparently Alex Salmond is saying that Scotland would not have to renegotiate it relationships with entities like the EU, NATO, WTO the UN and many more international organisations. To me this makes no sense.

Salmond denying the obvious positives of Scottish independence – Why? – Image source:

An independent Scotland would be a new country with its own priorities which would inevitably be different from that of England.

For Alex Salmond to suggest that he would not want to renegotiate Scotland’s membership of these organisations is extremely naive and also begs the question what is the point in Scottish independence if it wants to carry on with the status quo?

To me at least it is obvious that Scotland would have to apply to join these entities after it becomes independent. The question is, is that really a bad thing?

Very few countries in the world are not a member of the UN so if Scotland wanted to join I would have a hard time believing it would not be accepted. I mean even so-called enemies of the west are members such as Iran and Syria.

The EU? With the way this institution is structured with undemocratic institutions having huge power over the European population and the complete destruction it is raining on Greece in the name of “unity”, not being a member of the EU can only be seen as another reason to vote for Scottish independence.

NATO? Hard to see the benefits of Scotland joining NATO. I don’t know of any countries with a history of hostilities against Scotland (if you ignore the constant attacks from England)  so I do not see what threat Scotland faces. So yet another reason for Scotland to vote independence. Take back power from the country that has been oppressing the country for hundreds of years. Not to mention not being a member of NATO means Scottish troops will not be roped in to foreign conflicts with arguably dubious motives.

WTO? The benefits to smaller member countries is constantly called into question so again, another positive for Scottish independence “Yes” vote.

It is hard to imagine what England and Cameron can say that will do anything to turn people off voting “Yes” for Scottish independence. If they stick to the truth it only leaves one logical option for the Scottish voters.

The big question is will Salmond sabotage the Yes campaign by trying to deny the obvious and positive consequences of a “Yes” vote, in turn leaving him with no credibility? This is a very real possibility.

Salmond needs to have confidence in the Scottish people and the Scottish need to have confidence in themselves.


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