Farmer Protests Greece 2013 – What Farmers Should Be Doing Instead Of Blocking Roads

Farmers in Greece are out in force to protest against new taxes. VAT on their products will be almost doubled and their property taxes will be increased massively. What are the farmers doing in response?

Greek farmers are losing money by not working. The Greek farmers protest involves blocking main roads in Greece.

Do not get me wrong, I respect the farmer’s efforts but I cannot help thinking they would be better off doing something else, namely suing the government.

10,000 farmers protesting in Greece? Surely they would be better of combining their money into a legal fund to fight the new taxes proposed by the Greek government. Image Source:

A farmer is losing hundreds if not thousands of Euros every day he is protesting rather than working, I think the farmers would be better off working and launching a class action law suit against the Greek state for the punitive tax increases.

The Greek government is passing laws to oppress the Greek economy, the farmers should use the  legals system to oppress the self destructive measures of the Greek government.

Lets deal with the figures. How many farmers are protesting throughout Greece?

100,000? Maybe but lets call it ten thousand.

If these ten thousand farmers were to pool 100 Euros into a legal fund to attack a specific aspect or aspects of the new laws that have been passed by the government that would be an awesome war chest.

That would be a cool 1 million Euro fund to pay for the highest priced lawyers money could buy.

I do not believe any district attorney has the firepower to match the legal team this fund could put together.

So that is my advice for what it is worth.

Farmers should create a legal fund by which that can attack the government’s plan through the legal system. At the very least this legal action will delay the implementation of any plans and at best wipe out the plans all together.

Surely using the legal system is the way the farmers are going to wrestle control of their industry back from government?


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