Ellen Brown’s Web Of Debt Blog Bans “Gold Bug” Libertarian!

So I have been banned from commenting on Ellen Brown’s Web of Debt Blog. I received a polite email telling me I was banned which I have enclosed below.

I’ll go easy because the blog could have simply stopped approving my comments without letting me know. I will respect their courtesy of emailing me to tell me.

Ellen Brown’s basic philosophy seems to be that if the government controls something everything will be fair and good.

Given this philosophy it is ironic that people who claim to want equality and justice for all also believe that in order for there to be equality and fairness for all, some people must be oppressed.

It seems that my comments were seen as confrontational and against the “spirit” of the blog. Apparently people who believe if “fairness” do not like anyone to rock the boat with simple straight forward comments.

In short, this is simply more evidence that concentration of power, whether that power is concentrated in government or concentrated in the private sector, is a bad idea. All people should be free to express their views and practice their views without having fearing a reaction from those “in charge”.

I appreciate that the Web of Debt blog is not a democracy and I appreciate the Web of Debt blog is free to ban or approve anyone it wishes and I would not change that for the world. But the fact that people who believe government is the solution would be the same ones that want to oppress dissenting views does present a worrying picture.

There are numerous examples where the government believed the suppression of “dissenting” views was an essential activity in the name of the “common good” and dissent was seen as counterproductive to the “cause”. Hoxha’s Albania is the most recent example in Europe.

What is unfortunate about the whole situation is that my views were not actually dissenting at all. Ellen Brown wants to return the power over the currency back into the hands of the people and this is exactly I want to achieve.

Where we differ is in the method. Ellen Brown is clinging onto a concept which was made created in a time when technology was basic to say the least, where communications between people were limited in the content and in their frequency. With the technology available today, with the computing power available to most people it is now possible to literally put the power of money creation in the hands of the people.

Feel free to check out my comments on the Web Of Debt blog if they have not been erased! My comments were by “Richard” and they are the most voted on comments on the blog.

Here is the email telling me my views were no longer welcome.

Hi Richard,

I monitor the Web of Debt blog for Ellen Brown. I’ve gotten 3 complaints
from people who think your posts are too opposed to the tenets
underlying the blog.  The purpose of the blog is bring out ideas to move
forward with banking and monetary reform along the lines of Ellen
Brown’s thoughts in Web of Debt.  We welcome some  contrary views, but
yours seem to be too much so for some of the other participants’ taste.
A couple of people have said that your posts are not constructive or
perhaps not even serious.  Just thought I’d let you know why your posts
won’t be accepted anymore.  I suggest a gold-bug blog site; I’m sure
there are many. 

Thanks,  ******



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