Greece 2013.4.9 – Live Video Streaming – Nationwide Protests Including Athens & Thessaloniki

Today sees probably the largest protests in Greece since 2008. Literally hundreds of thousands of people are protesting throughout the country.

Greece Live Video Streaming – Greece is the text book definition of a country whose government has been completely infiltrated by hostile forces – Image Source:

I have included links to live video streams of the protests below. I am writing at 11.04GMT the main streams usually start at around 15.00 local time, 13.00 GMT. – Live on the ground from Central Athens, Stop Cartel rapidly becoming a legend!

Zougla TV Video Streaming and Audio from Athens Protests – Should start in the afternoon, first class coverage from people on the streets of Central Athens – This is a mainstream Greek TV channel and usually gives coverage of Syntagma throughout the day and into the night

Russia Today – May start a dedicated feed late afternoon

StopCartel stated in their live coverage of the protest in Athens that the country was under occupation. Lets assume this is true and expand the point.

With regards to the protests and the self-destructive measures being implemented by the Greek government it makes me ask the question;

If a country was invaded by another and the occupied country elected not to use its armed forces to resist and the invading country elected not to use armed force to invade what would the occupation look like?

The most obvious thing would be the obvious lack of fighting.

So if there were no fighting between two forces how would anyone know a country had been occupied?

If the invading force had already infiltrated the government prior to the take over how would people realise that their country had an illegitimate government?

How would people realise that the people now running their country were not running it in the interests of the native people?

To start the population would get absolutely no clue from the government. After all, the government are the political face of the occupying force.

The only thing the native people would get from the government would be that all the actions taking place were in the interests of the common good and that the actions being carried out by the government were for the good of the people.

A country and government that has been completely infiltrated by outside forces would give the people of that country no indication of the take over through their words and propaganda.

If the people of an occupied country were looking for an explanation for their deteriorating quality of life they would have to ignore the government propaganda and look at the actual actions of the government.

To use a cliché, actions speak louder than words.

When you look at the actions of the Greek government it is obvious that they are not acting in the interest of the Greek people and more than that, the actions of the government are proactively destroying the economy of Greece.

Basing conclusions on the actual measures being implemented by the Greek government the only logical conclusion is that the political process has been completely infiltrated by outside forces, in a sentence, the Greek government has been co-opted by foreign forces whose motive is to extract as much wealth from the population as possible with no regard for the collateral damage.

This is a text-book definition of an occupied country.

In short, the Greek government has no legitimacy  it is an enemy of the Greek people, it has been completely taken over by forces who are hostile to the Greek nation and the Greek people.

The fact that the politicians in the Greek government maybe unaware of their role in the occupation does not change the fundamental facts of the situation. The Greek political system has been completely compromised by foreign forces.

Why do countries or forces invade other countries?

To gain resources or geographical advantage.

You could argue, as I am sure many Greeks do, that their government has been under the control of the USA and UK for many years so the geographical advantage does not come into the current problems in Greece. You could argue this has been the status quo for many years.

So the only thing left is resources. 

Getting passed the obvious resources of potential oil and mineral reserves in Greece, there are two more obvious and more importantly, more liquid resources left.

These resources are labour and money.

The labour comes in the form of tax payers.

Since 2008 the tax burden of the average Greek has conservatively doubled in real terms while income has declined by over 30%.

In this case the occupying forces have seized the labour of the Greek people through the increase of taxation.

To put it another way, the Greek people have been enslaved to an even larger degree than they were previously.

The money resource comes in the form of personal savings.

Greeks are amongst the most spend thrift people in the EU (of course their government is the exact opposite), Greeks have liquid assets such as money in the banks as well as property.

The forces occupying Greece are stripping the country of their savings and their property.

More specifically the occupying forces are stripping the savings of the people by increasing taxes to such high levels that it is simply impossible to keep up without dipping into savings.

With regards to property, Greeks are being stripped of their land and building by taxes which make holding onto unoccupied property simply unfeasible on the long-term. And again, the tax burden has forced people to liquidate their assets at rock bottom prices simply to keep up with the ever-increasing taxes on the property.

To summarise, Greece at the time of writing fits all the hall marks of a country which has lost a war. A country whose government has been completely compromised by outside forces who mission is to strip the country of its wealth.

Until Greeks realise that their government is illegitimate, that their government is acting against their interests rather than for their interests, until Greeks realise that the politicians they trust might not even realise that the government has been taken over, until the reality of the situation is understood Greeks will not be in control of their own destiny.

I am not hear to give answers, the purpose of this article is to simply point out that the Greek government is illegitimate and has been completely compromised by foreign entities.

The only logical reaction to this knowledge would be to stop co-operating with the enemy government.

From what I understand of the Greek crisis the only thing that is keeping the measures coming is the belief that the people of Greece have, that if they simply co-operate a little longer things will get better.

Greeks need to realise that these measures are going to cause the exact effects the enemy government is claiming to try to avert.

When Greeks realise they have nothing to lose by resisting their illegitimate government, only when Greeks realise all the things that their government is threatening them with is going to come true if they continue co-operating, only then will Greeks be able to come together in an act of mass civil non cooperation against the occupying government. When Greek realise they have nothing to lose by resisting, only then will things start to improve.


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