Terror Campaign Against Greek Government Continues

Yesterday saw the latest in a long list of terror attacks against members of the Greek government.

Is the Greek government and its elected officials being threatened by foreign entities. i4w calls for a public investigation to uncover all threats made against elected officials and to identify the perpetrators and their backers. Image Source: http://www.demotix.com/news/1867127/bomb-explodes-outside-greek-mps-office#media-1867101

None of the perpetrators of the attacks have been identified. The question has to be asked, are there other threats being made behind the scenes which the government is keeping secret?

And if the Greek government and it politicians are being threatened what effect does this have on their activities?

This latest attack comes just one day after Samaras the prime minister of Greece announced the need to reduce income taxes on businesses in Greece to a flat rate of 15%.

From these terror attacks it would seem the goal of Nea Democratia are in conflict with the terrorists.

Given the potentially life threatening nature of these terrorist attacks which include automatic weapons and improvised explosive devices it is essential for there to be an independent inquiry with the mission of doing the following.

1. For the Greek people to know of any and all terror threats that have been made against the government officials, elected or other wise

2. For the Greek people to know the perpetrators of these terrorist attacks and equally important is for the backers of the perpetrators to be known.

Only when these two points are fully understood will the Greek people be able to asses if their government has been compromised and/or infiltrated by persons who treat the welfare of Greeks as second to their own goals.


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