Imploding Government Healthcare In Greece

As covered by the London Telegraph Greek pharmacies are struggling to supply essential drugs to the Greek populous.

Higher taxes and fewer services. Greek government leaving people unable to look after themselves.

Pharmacies are unwilling to sell to the public at the subsidized rate as they are fearful they will not be able to claim the subsidies back from the government.

International pharmaceutical companies are unwilling to supply Greek wholesalers and Greek pharmacies because they are aware of their financial difficulties due to the government not paying its bills.

The net result of this is that drugs are in short supply, even to people who are prepared to pay the full price.

This problem on its own would not be so bad if the government were not taking more money from the people in the form of huge tax increases while providing less services in return.

The government is taking away people’s safety net away. The tax increases in Greece are leaving people with insufficient spare cash to allow them to make alternative arrangements when the government is unable to fulfill the obligations it has taken on. At what point do people say these taxes are grossly unfair and are literally putting my life in danger.


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