Boston Bombing – FBI Know Exactly What Happened

The FBI has stated in their press conference on the 19.4.13 that only the photos that they provide are credible and that they are not interested in receiving information on anything other than the people they have supplied in their photos.

They have said to receive photos of any other people at the marathon is a waste of police resources and diverts people’s attention anyway from the people in their photos.

In my experience of police investigations this is extremely unusual.

To highlight the doors the FBI are closing when they say they are not interested in receiving photos of any other people.

The FBI does not want to see

1. Photos of people who may have interacted with the suspects.

2. Photos of people who may have seen the suspects

and most importantly of all

3. Photos of other people who may have been acting suspiciously.

Again, this is highly unusual for a police investigation.

I would go as far as to say it is unheard of for law enforcement to say to the public that they should ignore any photos that they took, to ignore any photos that they have seen and to effectively forget any other information other than that contained in the photos and videos supplied by the law enforcement agency itself.

To say the FBI has cast aside masses of evidence with this press conference is an understatement.

The only logical explanation for the police to be denigrating all other photos at this point is if they are 100% positive these 2 suspects acted alone, that they are responsible for the both bombs and that they believe they have sufficient evidence to secure a conviction. And this is all before the suspects have even been identified.

And yet they say they are not 100% sure.

The FBI has not said they have seen suspect 1 do anything, only that he appeared to be with suspect 2. But they have said suspect 2 left a bag at the second bomb site and yet they did not say if the bag that was left was the bag that contained the explosives.

I am at a complete loss as to why the FBI is discouraging people from sending in new photos or sending in information on any other photos at this stage of the investigation.

At best the FBI is weakening any future trial by classing all photos other than theirs in not credible and therefore limiting the evidence they have by discouraging people from sending in anything new.

At worst the FBI is increasing their chance of getting the wrong people by actively discouraging people from looking at any other photos and by classing any other photos as “not credible”.


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