Is Rajoy Is A Fascist – Taxpayers Helping Banks

It’s an unfortunate trend since 2008. Self declared socialists are now acting in a blatantly fascist manner but they seem oblivious to the contradictions in their behaviour.

The latest example comes from Rajoy of Spain.

He has been quoted as saying he believes the Spanish taxpayer should help private banks lend money to small businesses.

A true socialist would be pushing for government directly giving money to small businesses in the form of grants but not Rajoy.

Rajoy wants to give money to the banks and hope they pass on that money to the small business owner.

To clarify the definition of fascism.

It is when private companies control the state’s monopoly on the use of violence against its citizens.

Rajoy would do well to re-evaluate the things he is asking for and also ask himself the question “why does the Spanish government need help from the banks to give taxpayer money to its own electorate?”


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