Greeks Celeberate Austerity

It took 5 years to see some government cut backs but in the last 3 weeks there have been 2 small but significant hints that the government could be serious.greece_austerity

So how have these government cut backs been received by the population?

From what I have been seeing, there are high fives all round. Finally Greeks feel like they are seeing the government taking some of the workload, finally they see clues that the government might start to help them out.

What have been the two pieces of news?

The first was the shut down of ERT.

In the mainstream media you may think Greeks were crying into their frappes but no one I have spoken to has been disappointed by the state broadcaster shutting down. In fact the exact opposite.

Despite what the foreign media might have you believe Greek can’t understand why it was not closed earlier.

The really surprising thing was that the government closed down one of their prime propaganda outlets.

And if there was any doubt about the feeling among the population, there was disappointment when the government announced they would be replacing ERT with a new state broadcaster!

And as a side note on the absurdity  of the commentary of Greek austerity you have Yanis Varoufakis coming out in support of ERT and this is despite the fact that they had banned him from appearing on their TV stations! But I digress.

The second piece of news was the slashing of the municipality police in Greece. 

Seeing Greeks respond to this news has been like seeing Greece score in the 90th minute against Germany in a Euro qualifier. Ecstatic is the best way I can describe the response.

The municipality police do nothing except make people’s lives more difficult and into the bargain also cost the population a fortune for the petty fines they hand out.

So will Americans be surprised that Greeks are celebrating?

I hope not. Greeks have just as big if not bigger mistrust of their government as Americans.

Whenever Greeks see the government payroll reduced there is nothing but celebration.

It is good see common sense is alive and well in Greece despite the ridiculous propaganda that has been pumped out over the last 5 years.


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