Varoufakis Modest Proposal – Template For Tyranny

Yanis Varoufakis has released an updated version of his Modest Proposal, now in its 4th evolution. Central bankers, socialists and would be fascists from around the world are licking their lips hoping and preying it gains traction.

The first piece of the Modest Proposal V4 says this.

Modest Proposal Point 1

we propose that banks in need of recapitalisation from the ESM be turned over to the ESM directly – instead of having the national government borrow on the bank’s behalf.

In other words, Varoufakis wants the spending of taxpayers money to be removed from the democratic process. He does not believe elected representatives should be involved in decision-making process.

Modest Proposal Point 2. 

Varoufaksi says this

we propose that banks in need of recapitalisation from the ESM be turned over to the ESM directly – instead of having the national government borrow on the bank’s behalf.

This is the same ECB he has attacked in previous posts for being stupid and incompetent and for not understanding the Euro crisis.

And despite this Varoufakis wants to put the ECB front and centre in the solution.

Modest Proposal Point 3.

We propose that the European Union launch a new investment programme to reverse the recession, strengthen European integration, restore private sector confidence and fulfill the commitment of the Rome Treaty to rising standards of living and that of the 1986 Single European Act to economic and social cohesion.

As a socialist Varoufakis wants to distort the free market, he condones government choosing winners and losers in business by granting money to those who apply for government help and giving nothing to those who run a successful business but who simply did not apply for government funds.

Varoufakis is also under the opinion that government agencies are better qualified to make loans to the private sector than private sector professional investors.  Does this sound wise?

Modest Proposal Point 4.

We recommend that Europe embark immediately on an Emergency Social Solidarity Programme that will guarantee access to nutrition and to basic energy needs for all Europeans, by means of a European Food Stamp Programme modelled on its US equivalent and a European Minimum Energy Programme.

Varoufakis’s heart is clearly in the right place but this final point really crystallizes his hopeless naivety.

It is becoming more and more accepted that government “help” leads to dependence and destroys motivation for people to take control of their own lives.

Some videos to illustrate the point

In short, it is not the job of government to provide services, if anything it is to create an environment which allows people to be successful. Governments need to do less and get out of people’s way. Europeans are some of the most taxed people in the world, there is plenty of scope for government doing less.

In summary the Modest Proposal is contradictory.

One the one hand when it concerns banks being given money, Varoufakis wants to take the politicians out of the equation due to the web of conflicting interests and corruption.

And yet when it comes to giving money to the people, the governments who Varoufakis calls corrupt, are the ones he wants to oversee the process of wealth distribution.

How can Varoufakis hold these two conflicting thoughts at the same time?

Why does he want to expose the people of Europe to government incompetence and yet shield the banks from the same incompetence.

Of course, everyone should be shielded from government incompetence which takes me back to the point of governments doing less.

Governments in Europe already take over 50% of the labour through taxes. And yet despite the massive resources they control they still overspend and unemployment is at record levels.

Again, the common sense solution is for government to get out of people’s way, governments have managed to destroy people’s quality of lives compared to the 50s, 60s and 70s, surely it is time for people to say we are on the wrong road, the last twenty years has shown government intervention makes things worse not better, let us change course.


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