Greek Government Grows – Taxpayer Funded “Price Comparison” Site.

In days when Greek politicians are constantly telling Greeks the “country” is living on the knife-edge, that the country could descend into chaos at any moment the Greek government have found the money and time and the people to build something completely irrelevant.

The Greek government has invested god knows how much in building a price comparison portal, for, wait for it, 1500 products!

The private sector puts sites like this together for less than a few thousand Euros.

Something tells me the Greek government has spent considerably more than 3,000 Euros on their site.


This activity is completely typical of the Greek government and it is enough to make any, normally peaceful Greek want to hurt someone.

The Greek government seems to be under the impression that pricing on the internet is not transparent and that Greeks do not have online outlets where they can share their experiences, good and bad, of retailers in the country.

However this type of belief  would explain how the government got the country into the mess it is in today.


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