Greek Media Poisoning Opinion Of Germany – George Malouchos, ToVima

Is George Malouchos on the payroll of a foreign government or government department? A foreign government or government department whose mission in Greece is the ensure the population rejects any advice coming from Germany whether it be economic or political. A PSYOP if you will.

The last tirade from George Malouchos come in this

He attacks Germany viciously and to the point of fanaticism.

Malouchos appears to be focused on poisoning the minds of Greeks against the advice of Germany regardless of how much damage is done to the Greek people and the Greek economy in the process.

In my opinion either Malouchos is being paid to make these attacks or he has an agenda and a perception of “Germany” that has no basis in reality, I will leave you to come up with your own conclusions.

Here are his statements, translated with Google.

while allowing the country to escape at last from the embrace of Berlin in the course of a German Europe.  

The first is managing the debt crisis from Berlin, who instead chose to appease use it as a lever for moving to a German Europe, as a route to achieving the vision of eternal German hegemony on the continent, kneeling on Greece and posing a direct threat to stability at all levels.

the de facto policy of Berlin, and thus considers the control not only of Greece but also of the whole “epanathespismenis’ eurozone

for marching to Greece under the direction of Berlin and how is absolute need to quickly redraw its orbit.

The country can not afford another disaster, nor can they be changed to “plot” of the Germans, as routinely happens in the last four years.

 Fear of Berlin can not and should not and can not stop the Prime Minister from ‘twist’ now the country’s direction.

is not willing to play a “Trojan horse” of a German Europe.

 Greece will get another level options and possibilities facing the storm of debt that the German policy rather than reduce, has increased dramatically, to same course – and multiple – benefit.

 The solvent of German hegemony in Europe ….. serves their national interests at the expense of all others


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