Why Cameron Is Happy With No Vote

The mainstream media are portraying last night’s vote in the House of Commons rejecting military action as a defeat for Cameron. Of course it is the exact opposite.

The fact of the matter is there are 2 world super powers who, at the moment, are against any direct action in Syria.

This “No” vote saved face for Cameron as he did not have to back down personally, the “No” vote gave him the cover he needed to postpone military action.

Obama has the same option should he choose to use it ie saying he does not have congressional approval. But he will want to keep hold of this joker card until he really needs it. Cameron has bought him some time.

Going back to the two superpowers issue.

Russia are not on board yet but will be in the next 2-3 weeks.

China are also showing some resistance although their opinion has been suspiciously lacking from mainstream media coverage.

The bombing of Syria is inevitable. What we are seeing now is some delaying tactics. The reason for the delays?

It is not clear but I would not be surprised if the time was being used to take up profitable positions in markets to take advantage of the future military action.

One other important point to make is that inflation spikes during times of war.


A big war could be just what the western powers need in order to disguise the massive inflation that is already coming down the pipe.


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