Greek Media Puppet Of Government – To Vima, Real,gr, Kathimerini

From the outsider’s point of view the Greek media seems completely subservient to the government agenda.

Everyday’s headlines follow the same formula, whether it be To Vima,, Kathimerini. The propaganda template have 4 main ingredients,

1.Terrorise population

2. Present a martyr

3. Divert blame

4. Give hope

Headline One – Terrorise Population

The first headline is a story which involves Greek citizens being threatened with imprisonment or confiscation of property on the basis of what the government “believes”. This headline must make it clear that the government does not need to go through the legal process ie the government may act arbitrarily. The threat should be appear as psychotic and extreme as possible without causing a public reaction. It should also be confusing.

It is also important that no specific dates are mentioned when this confiscation or imprisonment process might commence. Citizens must feel confused or at the least uncertain.

Headline Two – Present a Martyr

The second headline must detail a victim. There must be some story of an individual or individuals who have been made an example of. This headline reinforces the effect of the first headline. Ideally the victim should be seen to have been treated in a completely unreasonable fashion. The martyr should also be high profile to show anyone could be a victim.

Headline Three – Divert Blame

The third headline must describe the situation where the first two headlines are the result of actions of an outside party and not the Greek government.

The purpose of this third headline is to neuter Greek citizens. Greeks who believe the measures come from outside are powerless to fight back or feel powerless to protest. Why would you protest in Athens if you think the decisions are coming from Brussels or Berlin?

Headline Four – Hope

The fourth headline must have good news. Specifically it must highlight a positive result of the first three headlines. This headline serves to divide and conquer. It serves to vilify those who criticise the obvious destruction of the Greek economy due to the government’s measures.

It also gives people a reason to believe in the government’s course of action a little longer. It gives people a ray of light. This headline is extremely important.

This headline can also give hope in the form of change, whether it be a token change to regulations, the “promise” of lower taxes in the future at some unspecified dates, new elections and so on.


These are the four basic headlines that you will find in any Greek media outlet on a daily basis. Headlines which serve no purpose other than to propagate the agenda of the government.

An agenda whose purpose is to terrorise Greeks into paying oppressive taxes and to make Greeks feel it is pointless to protest these taxes.

This is what the situation has come to in Greece. Increase the taxes as much as possible for as long as possible. The end game of this agenda is not going to be good.

I encourage you to check the websites of the Greek media outlets on a daily basis so you can identify this propaganda template.


Here is how has implemented this template on the 12th of September 2013

Headline one – Terrorise

Headline two – Martyr

Headline three – Divert blame

Headline four – Hope


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