Syria Chemical Weapon Inspections – Is Assad Painting Himself Into A Corner?

Assad has said he is open to inspections of Syria’s chemical weapons caches. This kind of co-operation did not end well for Iraq.

When Hussein agreed to weapons inspectors he gave the UN something to beat him over the head with for years. And his alleged passive resistance to the inspections led directly to the Gulf War.

I can’t help thinking Assad has made the same mistake.

One has to ask why has Assad not asked for the other countries in the area to also join the OPCW as he has done.

Especially as Syria has been attacked on four occasions by Israel in the past year.

And especially as there have been allegations that Saudi Arabia was responsible for shipping in the chemical weapons that were used in the chemical attack on Damascus.

Why has Assad not called for Saudi Arabia and Israel to also be inspected by the OPCW?


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