Golden Dawn Working With Greek Police/Government?

I have asked this question before ie is Golden Dawn working with the Greek police and the Greek government.

To Vima have come out with two articles today which seem to support this hypothesis.

The summary seems to be that  between 20 and 30% of police mean and women voted for Golden Dawn and that younger police officers are the biggest supporters of Golden Dawn.

It also appears to be alleged that the some of the highest ranking members of the police have close connections to Golden Dawn and that some of these senior police officers are close to the Citizens Protection Minister, Dendias. 

As I have said before, I have no issue with Golden Dawn as long as they are not harming anyone or condoning the use of violence. For the Greek government to say they want to ban this political party smacks of irony when they at the same time claim to want to promote democracy.

Here are the articles reproduced in full and translated with Google.

Police said omerta the Golden Dawn
“Radio silence” in the organization, while remaining very much in demand by … friendly relations with police
Posted: 5:45

‘War Zionism “and state” general alarm “Preach the last hours senior executives of the Golden Dawn after the investigation has been ordered for the activities of the organization and the” pressure “exerted by the Police, judiciary, even and Financial Crime. The main concern of those responsible of the Golden Dawn, however, is to inform the members and supporters of the organization as to how to defend themselves in police investigations into the “organized criminal activity” of the neo-Nazi module.

The promoters of the Golden Dawn realize that this research makes them more vulnerable especially if they are searched data kakourgimatikes actions and can now be used “any means” to document these offenses. Among the others are starting already advised to have special attention to telephone communications and to avoid posts disputed the Internet. This is because most systems will be activated bugging the Police and EII aimed involved in the activities of the organization.

Special orders are not given to any evidence in the police and judicial authorities to be “omerta” for instructors from SEAL LOK or executives or special forces of the Police giving way into the Golden Dawn. He has also asked to be “attention” to what is said in the concentrations of local organizations in so that now “everything can be monitored by the Police and any prompt or why you said it can support the charges of involvement in a criminal organization or inciting kakourgimatikes acts ” . The promoters of the organization believe that the control of the state authorities will be “sweeping” and anything can be found to be “misunderstood” .

“Elective” options
At the same time major issue is the relationship of the Police the Golden Dawn. Several complaints from famous and witnessed violence. Recent example, a group of citizens appears to throw stones at masked under the “indifferent” gaze of riot police in demonstrations last week in nbspkeratsini triggered by the murder of 34 year old artist Paul Fyssas . Key indicator element, however on this issue are the results of the parliamentary elections of 2012, when the combination of data seems to reveal that one out of two police officers voted Golden Dawn. Data on the political preferences of uniformed emerged from the analysis of the votes in 11 polling stations of Athens which voted on 17 June 2012 based on the special electoral lists thousands of police officers serving in the General Police Directorate of Attica (GADA) and services such as direct Action, DIAS, Security Attica and others.

These sections – from 806 to 816 and the polling station – located in school buildings near the building of the police headquarters on Alexandras Avenue. On average each of these sections, as results from the electoral rolls, voting about 550-700 people and the number of police officers who voted in these ranged from 20% to 30% of the total votes cast. All these segments then the Golden Dawn received rate from 17.2% to 23.04%. To understand the features comparison, in neighboring polling stations, such as 804 and 805, respectively, the proportion of the Golden Dawn was 5.35 and 6.57%. Similar diversification and massive vote in the Golden Dawn had occurred at polling stations Kessariani, near the headquarters of the riot, again voted for thousands of police officers of the department of the Police

As mentioned officers who know the intricacies of the Police, ” the proportion of the Golden Dawn is extremely large in young officers serving in departments of the Attica in MAT and YAT, the Delta team, police stations and elsewhere. Not only are the results of the parliamentary elections, or that you can see symbols of the Golden Dawn in dozens of police profile on Facebook. You are informed that talk to each other or they go in concentrations of the organization at central or regional level. We face at least ten cases in the past where police make “blind eye” to members of the Golden Dawn. The problem would be greater if these people do not obey the officers commands and hierarchy so it tames these beliefs during their official duties. “

Published in HeliosPlus on September 23, 2013


Questions and tips for the purges in the Hellenic Police
Why fled or were postponed top officers of the Security Forces enonomati Golden Dawn
Posted: 6:24

Disruption causes the Hellenic Police the expulsion or transfer of senior and experienced officers of the body, in the context of research on the effectiveness of “Golden Dawn” from the Home Affairs Bureau of the Police

Senior and senior officers expressed, on Monday night, the surprise and displeasure about these changes which they describe as ” arbitrary, without significant occasion for personal service incentives and demonstration sensationalism that would confound the Hellenic Police . “

It is telling that among apopemfthentes and metatethentes, as they say, three officers considered the main persecutors drug cartels and stem Hellenic Police has been a close associate and a secret former minister Mr. George Voulgaraki . Even pointed out that none of them reportedly had any relationship with far-right organization. Some even link these movements the leadership of the Hellenic Police for the Golden Dawn, the case tracking by Mario Cola and other Albanians escaped from the prisons of Trikala …

In a first step, therefore, submitted resignations inspector southern Greece, Mr John Dikopoulou and Prefect of Central Greece, Mr. Apostolou Kaskani having the rank of general. The two senior officers of the Hellenic Police attributed responsibility for the way they handled the incident with members of the “Golden Dawn” in Halkida. Mr. Dikopoulos had for years been investigating officer for circuits drugs, then had assumed the post of head of the Third Division counterintelligence EYP, who had handled the case ‘abduction of Pakistanis’ in 2005, and had served as commander Attica Police successfully in the area of organized crime. Regarded officer with exceptional operational capabilities and many believed would be the next leader of the Police Mr. Dikopoulos considered, in recent months, fanatic hardening its stance against the Hellenic Police “Golden Dawn” and devotee of “zero tolerance” against right-wing construct.

A. Kaskanis and he had many years experience in the prosecution of drug circuit and had helped surveys capture criminals of Attica that decentralizes action. A few weeks ago there were reports that there was dissatisfaction leadership Avenue Katechaki for tracking the evolution of Albanian escapees in southern Greece-later Mario Kola killed in Thesprotia – and death policeman Livadia Distomo. Remains unknown whether yesterday’s choices of leadership MPO associated with the manhunt foreign escapees.

What is still surprising is the transfer until the completion of investigations, police relations with the “Golden Dawn” of many Hellenic Police officers and among them the Chief Subdivision Organised Crime Squad, the Governor of Delta team, board of EKAM, the head of the 4th department of State Security that deals with authorizations of weapons and other officers of the Police It is characteristic that the transferee officer of Organized Crime was also a main axis of research Hellenic Police to prosecute drug and had shifted a few months ago from Nafplio in Safety Attica given thought to have experience.

As said a senior officer of the Hellenic Police ‘ surprised with what you see. Transferred the governor of Delta team and not that of DIAS although these two groups of motorcyclists Hellenic Police have a similar structure, same origin and similar fields of action. The Head of the Organized Crime Prosecution has great political distance from the “Golden Dawn” and until now dealt with issues of smuggling cigarettes and circuits traffickers, migrant smugglers etc. Seems to postponed as not to influence the investigation for organized criminal activity of “Golden Dawn “allegedly fall within the area supervisor. But perhaps he had paid good official relations with the resigned Mr. John Dikopoulo.
Furthermore, the person responsible for the licensing of arms was for many years adjutant G. Voulgaraki and had never been suspected of favoring members of the “Golden Dawn”. Furthermore, we are amazed that most of them have retired or transferees were until recently the full support of one of the most close associates of the Minister of Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias . “


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