UK Crime Rate Versus GDP Per Capita 1900-2003 (Graph)

A quick graph showing the statistical relationship between GDP per capita in the UK versus the crime rate.

The GDP per capita measurement is shown in terms of Gold.

The relationship shows that the poorer people become the higher the crime rate is. Nothing ground breaking.

What was surprising is that people in the UK have been getting poorer in terms of Gold buying power since 1970.

Crime Rate Versus GDP in the UK
Crime Rate Versus GDP in the UK


It is also worth noting that the price of Gold has increased dramatically since 2003 and many predict the price will continue to rise dramatically in the future.

The crime rate has decreased by around 30% since 2003. During this same time UK government debt has increased from around 30% of GDP to around 70% of GDP.

The government spending increases are unsustainable whereas the price of gold is a reflection on the amount of paper money in existence.

I would predict the UK crime rate to increase dramatically over the next 10 years.


Crime figures from UK government here

Historical GDP Per Capita Figures here

Gold price from the world Gold council


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