Greek Government – Today’s Act Of Economic Suicide

I am often highlighting the self-destructive measures of the Greek government. I have said before the Greek government is imploding the Greek economy whether they are doing it intentionally or not is irrelevant.

Today the Greek government has announced plans to attack the only businesses who bring money into the country. In other words the Greek government has decided to put the future of countless Greek exporters in jeopardy by not reimbursing the VAT that they have paid.

Greece has a trade deficit of around 1 billion Euros a month, ie the country sends 1 billion Euros out of the economy every month.

At the same time you have a government, whose stated target, is to take more money from taxpayers than it returns to them ie the primary “surplus”.

These two situations on their own guarantee that Greeks will continue to see their wealth reduce for the forseeable future.

But the trade deficit is obviously not bad enough for the Greek government, they want to take measures that will guarantee many exporters go out of business.

This is yet more evidence that the Greek government is completely and utterly incompetent and a danger to the Greek people.

They do not understand even the most basic facts of economics. The Greek government is a danger to its own people.

The Greek government is not competent or knowledgeable enough to manage the money it takes from Greek citizens.

The Greek government is a monkey with a hand grenade.


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