Greek Police – Paranoia Level Defcon 1

This article is in ToVima today. The long and the short of the story is that police should expect to be assassinated at any moment and the attack could come from anywhere or anything. (Full article is below, translated in English with Google)

To give a brief recap as to what has led up to this.

1. A person who may have had sympathies for communism was killed, allegedly, by a member of a political party, “Golden Dawn” (whose leadership have categorically denied any involvement and who are not being investigated for the murder), a political party which is alleged  has a large portion of its membership belonging to the police and/or may have a large number of supporters who are in the Greek police.

2. Members of Golden Dawn have been assassinated by a gunmen on a motorcycle. The victim or victims may have had connections with the Greek police.

3. The Greek police have now turned up the paranoia level to eleven as they believe there are guerrilla groups operating in Greece that want to kill policemen and women.

Here are some of the example of this paranoia and the measures that police stations are recommended to take.

1. Snipers in and around police stations

2. All left articles left in the area of a police station should be treated as an explosive device.

3. Strangers who come towards a police station carrying something should be “reported”

4. Public areas near police stations should be checked

5. Ban vehicles from parking outside police stations at night

The entire situation is text-book psychological warfare.

The best propaganda often drives a wedge between the other side’s leaders and its rank-and-file members. The effectiveness of such propaganda depends on the enemy leaders’ conduct. 

It is designed to drive a wedge between the Greek police and the Greek people.

It is designed to make the Greek police think of Greek civilians as the enemy.

The two incidents of murder that led up to this point are tragic but they are also being used to manipulate the attitude of the police.

The question is why are the powers that be trying to put the police into a siege mentality?

One can only presume that they are preparing the police to attack the citizens in one from or another in the future.

Whether it be drastic suppression of protests or outrageous infringements of civil liberties and private property.

Make no mistake, I do not believe the police in Greece are in any danger whatsoever from the action of Greek citizens or anyone else not connected to the Greek police apparatus.

Here is the article in full translated.

Putting ‘sniper’ in the form of ‘observers’ in police stations, control of incoming police stations, surveillance ‘open spaces’ near police services are some of the 23 measures seeking to obtain the Hellenic Police Headquarters the risk of attack by a group of urban guerrilla.

“To Vima” reveals the urgent order Hellenic Police to all police departments Attica “shield of police services’ where among other new measures demanded guarding politicians, businessmen and other objectives, measures of self-protection groups DELTA and DIAS, the control of correspondence in all police departments and even the ban being a bin outside police stations. Even special mention for complete control and registration of vehicles moving suspiciously close to all police stations.
The official document that reflected the fears of law enforcement after the bloody attack on the “Golden Dawn” armed attack on a police ‘target’ is as follows:
1. On receipt of this, please for the most intensive, classroom-security measures surrounding area housed police facilities, to ensure the protection of both the premises and facilities, and the same staff.
Two. In this context, receive effective, strong and intensified security measures – self, by reason of competence.
Three. In particular, provide clear instructions – instructions to all of their staff, including personnel policies, including:
– Carry out checks on suspiciously moving around police installations or board lowercase people and abandoned, near police facilities, buildings, parcels, luggage and other objects that might conceal explosive devices and ensure their removal, in accordance with the prescribed procedure, taking the necessary measures for self-protection.
– Immediately report anything unusual and suspicious perceive, especially on strangers approaching or wishing to enter police establishments installations, while carrying suitcases, bags or boxes.
– Carry out checks in public areas of police facilities and open spaces near them (parks, Mr etc.) that may have been placed suspicious objects and arrange for their removal, in accordance with the prescribed procedure, taking the necessary measures for self-protection.
– Remove any existing outside police premises or nearby bins.
– Carry out checks on vehicles parked near police facilities, ascertaining whether they employ, and if so, shall directly control and removal thereof in accordance with the prescribed procedure, taking the necessary measures for self-protection. 
– Check the buildings and their service desks, after work, to identify any suspicious objects and arrange for the insurance of buildings and offices that are not used.
– They control tools available fire and remove all flammable materials are nearby police branches – facilities which can be used to cause fire.
– They care for adequate lighting facilities, ensuring immediate strengthening or restoration where needed.
– Manifest immediate action for removal of seized and other services on the stored vehicles.
– The police deployed for guarding shops-installations. Detectives or special guards perform their duties, having increased vigilance in the execution thereof, while taking, increased self-protection measures, especially during night shifts, holidays and the days festivities.
– Take measures increased police guarding jails and detention of prisoners and other persons as storage spaces reception centers and carry out a detailed inspection of persons and objects.
In addition:
– Attention is drawn to them for verification of incoming police shops and facilities and especially those carrying objects, suitcases, bags or boxes, and people visiting prisoners.
– Have provided public goods, including flak jackets and portable transceiver.
– Conduct enhanced scrutiny of postal traffic, to prevent the downgrading process control situation ‘routine’.
– Finally, be placed, 24 hours a day or during the evening hours, observers at appropriate points, for the purpose of understanding and early warning in the event of any sudden act of unlawful interference against police target. The selection of points to place taking into account the visibility offered to fulfill the intended purpose, and provided the possibility self-allocated for the execution of the service, staff.
4. Also, the officers of the Directorate for Police Operations as well as other key services such as IP. DP. and Delta are pleased to increase in most measures of self-protection in the performance of service and in the transition to and from the place of execution thereof.
5. Additionally, by reason of competence, the most intensify the already taken measures to protect vulnerable targets, official persons and persons for whom there are particular reasons of safety.
6. Also, please do the intensification – substantially increase the security measures and procedures of detention, in collaboration with the Directors of K. K., to prevent and avoid actions or events which may disrupt the safety and smooth operation of K. K.
7. Further to the above, to ensure that their services you come into play in most of their information network, to collect any relevant information about threats or other unlawful actions against these objectives and communicate them promptly to appropriate measures Services notifying about their findings in SA / DK. / Min. 2nd Protection Regime.
8. Finally apply all appropriate, legal means to prevent and deter unlawful actions against such persons or things, in the specific circumstances prevailing in each area of ​​responsibility you. Also please consider, as far as possible and the event curfew vehicles in front of police buildings during night hours.

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