Greek Politics Is A Total Joke – 2013.11.26

It is a joke being played on the Greek people.

On the one hand you have the government who is allegedly trying to cut spending, to shrink government departments and raise taxes further.

The shrinking of government and the laying off of workers is not unpopular, raising taxes is massively unpopular.

So as a way to seek a respite from the taxes and the “measures” the Greek political system has put forward Syriza and Tsipras, a far left-wing party who want to increase government spending and to stop any layoffs.

And this is the joke on the Greek people.

They are sick of tax increases and of a government that spends like a drunken sailor. They want government to shrink and they want the taxes to go back down.

Unfortunately the current government is not making any real and sustainable cuts to its budget.

So as an electoral and democratic “choice” the Greek political establishment has put forward another option.

This other option, in the form of Syriza, has pledged to increase the size of government and increase its spending.

Greeks are not happy with massive and wasteful government spending so the alternative they are given is a party that promises to increase the size of government, increase the government’s involvement in people’s lives and businesses and to increase government spending.

The situation is a complete joke.

The sad thing is, the majority of Greeks who vote have bought into the propaganda, they believe they actually have a choice.


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