OFFICIAL – Mafia Now In Control Of Greek Government 2013.11.28

I have been detailing the explosion in the rate of unpaid taxes here.

October set a new record for the monthly increase in tax arrears. A massive 1.1 billion Euros in taxes went unpaid in October 2013 alone.

There is no other way to say it, what we are witnessing in Greece and specifically the Greek government is text-book mafia behaviour.

The Greek government is imposing taxes on the population are simply unpayable. Greeks are seeing their “debts” to the state increase and because of this, the Greek government has stated it will come in and start seizing assets extra judicially.

The latest headlines on the seizure process has detailed that people’s home will be seized and auctioned off to pay down “debts/tax arrears” and here is the kicker. If the auction price of the home is more than the value of the debts the “debtor” will not receive a penny.

But I digress. Going back to the Mafia takeover of Greece.

The bread butter of Mafia is to lend money to a person (with assets) at an interest that is unsustainable. When the debt goes bad, the gangsters come in a seize the assets of the borrower and seize assets over and above the value of the initial loan. This “over and above” the initial loan amount is where the money is made.

The Greek government has put their own spin on this tried and tested technique.

The “debtors” ie the Greek citizens, have not asked for a loan from the Mafia aka the Greek government. The Mafia aka the Greek government has named their price and told every Greek citizen to pay and if they can’t afford it they will take the person’s assets.

Not even an arch Mafia boss would have the nerve to try that ie to walk up to a stranger, demand money and if the stranger does not have enough money the Mafia boss takes the stranger’s house.

If gangsters were going around shaking down complete strangers like this they would quite rightly be branded Psychopaths.

Psycopath defintion: enduring dissocial or antisocial behavior, a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse,

 The Greek government is different, it obviously has compassion and puts the well-being of the citizens above its own interests…..

This video outlines the “bread butter” business model of the Mafia. The Greek government is “busting out” its own citizens.

News Source – To Vima – Translated with Google

Month on month rise alarmingly indebted households and businesses see that they anticipate to receive from the IRS slips for income and estate taxes.
The data of the General Secretariat of Public Revenues are revealing as only last October increased arrears citizens against 1.1 billion. This resulted in total debt from the beginning of the year have surpassed 7.2 billion and total outstanding debts amounting to outrageous amount of 60.6 billion euros. Even allowing and non-tax debts then debt maturities longer have exceeded 62 billion.
At the same time the rate of ‘turtle’ are tax audits for large taxpayers and enterprises of great wealth. This leads to danger tokratos not be able to catch the targets set by the Troika carrying out a specific number of checks.
Furthermore, based on figures from the Ministry of Finance, one in five freelancers and entrepreneurs do not timely submit periodic VAT returns. In the 10 months January – October had to undergo a total of 3,959,057 periodic VAT returns. Finally received timely 3,101,453 statements. So there were 857,604 periodic VAT returns.
Besides moving targets tax audits for large companies. In just 10 months were 211 regular audits to large companies and in accordance with the Memorandum whole year will be conducted 596 audits. From our complete regular checks Confirmed taxes and fines totaling 126.6 million and received 58.3 million.
Tragic is the data for the controls in self-employed and taxpayers of great wealth. According to the MOU will have until the end of December have been 910 tax audits. however, until the end of October just completed 321 checks to taxpayers high net worth and gave the State only 13.1 million of the total 55.6 Confirmed million.

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