N17 Greek Terrorist “Released” from Prison – Police Launch Manhunt

The news story is that Christodoulos Xeros has escaped while he was on leave from prison. The police statement says this (from Greek Reporter)

His release is purely symbolic, and if combined with the attack on the residence of the German Ambassador to Greece, it is a clear message that domestic terrorist groups have returned to the Greek scene,” states an official of the Hellenic Police. “The longer it takes for him to show up, the scenario that he is up to something becomes more likely.”

A disarmingly honest press release? Or a Freudian Slip on behalf of the newspaper/police spokesman?

Either way, if you have been following this site and our articles (terrorism, terrorist) on Greek terrorism you will know that the Greek anti-terror police (EKAM) have a zero percent record of catching anyone responsible for terrorist acts in Greece.

Terrorist acts which includes assassinations of a journalist & police officer, the planting of IEDs at the home of journalists and politicians and even an alleged plot to assassinate the prime minister of Greece.

The only arrests of any relevance has been the apprehension of a group of teenagers for burglary.

I personally have to ask the question, how is it possible to make no progress on these cases? Surely a zero percent arrest rate is not acceptable.

Terrorist attacks in Greece follow a very simple formula.

1. The act is committed

2. A rambling statement is issued by the perpetrators (there are around 3 main “terrorist” groups) about anarchy


3. Police allege involvement of the usual suspects from point 2 while presenting zero evidence

4. Some random arrests may be made or perhaps a weapons “cache” is found.

5. Nothing more is ever heard about the incident regardless of it’ seriousness.


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