Second Amendment – Why Is It So Important?

The US Constitution was drawn up with the following principles

Thomas Jefferson – The second amendment is key to defending the USA and the Constitution

1. Power should be in the hands of the people

2. The concentration of government power should be limited

3. The government should be as small as humanly possible.

These three points are closely related.

When government is small and when government has limited power, the defense of the United States of America has to be put in the hands of the people.

If the government is weak and small, as the Constitution outlined, it is the responsibility  of the people to defend their house, their state, their country.

And this is why the second amendment is so important. It is to defend the constitution of the USA.

Moving forward from that point.

When a population is well armed, when the citizens of a country are capable of defending their own country without the help of a centralised government, it becomes impossible for another country to take over.

Here are some reasons why.

1. As stated above, the USA has the largest citizen army and therefore the largest army in the world. No army is the world in powerful enough or rich enough to invade.

2. How would a foreign government invade anyway? What is there to take over?

With a small government, with the power in the hands of the people, with a well armed citizenry, what possible strategy could a foreign have to overcome this?

For a start the government would have limited power, therefore taking over the central government would only give the invading country limited power ie the same power the small government had before, ie not enough to infringe of the economic and personal freedoms of the people.

In other words, taking over the White House would not be enough to be effective, nowhere near.

This is another reason why centralised power is not condoned by the Constitution. It makes the country more secure.

3.  So if the USA is immune to a conventional invasion then what would an invasion/takeover look like?

First of all it would have to be initiated from inside the USA.

It would have to be non-violent as to not to raise resistance from a well armed population.

And the powers looking to takeover would act in ways in direct contravention of the Constitution.

ie, if the USA were to be the victim of a domestic enemy the aggressor would

1. Aim to concentrate power. A powerful government must exist before a country can be taken over.

2. Deplete the resources of the population. So they do not have the time or the resources to co-ordinate a resistance.

3. And most importantly, to disarm the population. While the population is armed the power of the central government will always be in question.

Second Amendment – In summary

The second amendment is the gate-keeper, the final line of defense of the US constitution. It is essential for every member of the USA to be able to defend themselves and the Constitution with any weapon they see fit.

Again, the fundamental reason it is important for the citizens to be armed is that the government is supposed to be small and weak and this means that it is the duty of the citizens of the United States to defend the nations against enemies. Foreign and domestic.

Any party that wants to ignore the Constitution is by definition the enemy of the Constitution and weakens to security of the USA.

For people to be free and secure it is essential that government is small and weak.

When there is one powerful target instead of 300 million powerful targets a country becomes immune to invasion as there is nothing for the invading entity to takeover. There is no all-powerful target for an enemy to destroy in order to seize control.

In the case of the USA, any enemy would have to start be concentrating and increasing government power ie contravene the Constitution.


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