Latest terrorism attack in Greece

From Greek Reporter

Greek police said  a small incendiary bomb exploded outside the private office of the country’s Interior Minister late on Jan. 14, causing minor damage but no injury.

A police statement said the home-made device detonated outside the fourth-floor office in central Athens used by Yiannis Michelakis. There was no claim of responsibility, Associated Press reported, nor any indication how it may have been placed or what the security arrangements were in the building or for the minister.

There have been similar incidents of small bombs being set off for those targeted by anarchist and terrorist groups. This one happened little more than a week after a convicted November 17 terrorist, Christodoulos Xeros, who was serving six life sentences for six assassinations, didn’t return from his holiday vacation although he promised he would.

In June of 2012, another convicted terrorist, Nikos Maziotis, also didn’t return from his summer vacation Greek officials granted him despite the seriousness of his crime.

There was no indication the bombing was linked to either of them but some of Greece’s disparate 86 terrorist organizations said late last year that they would step up a campaign of violence against political figures, journalists, judges, police and other of their perceived enemies.

Michelakis said that those trying to destabilize and a develop a sense of fear in society were bound to fail. “This country has institutions. Democracy cannot be terrorized,” the minister said.


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