Alex Tsipras, Syriza – End Austerity – Completely out of touch with reality

As reported by Greek Reporter Alex Tsipras is calling for the end to austerity.

Tsipras is calling for an end to austerity and for taxes to be raised on employers. And yet these measures are what the current regime in Greece calls “austerity”. Greek politics are a sham.

“The austerity policy that has been proven an economic and social disaster, a disaster for democracy, it must stop immediately, said Tsipras and underlined that the austerity is a crisis by itself, it is not a solution for the crisis”

Instead Alex Tsipras is calling for increasing government spending to lift the quality of lives of people in Greece.

However he does not say where he expects the money to come from, except he does. He believes he can raise taxes on business owners.

And this is another example of the supreme irony of Greek politics.

Alex Tsipras is calling and end to austerity by the Greek government,

An austerity which has taken the form of massive increases in taxation

Which has led to the implosion of the Greek economy

And yet Tsipras’s solution is the continue the same policies.

The whole situation is absurd and yet the Greek media portrays Syriza and Tsipras as an “alternative” to the current regime.

I feel sorry for anyone in Greece that believes they have a choice!


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