Greece – Government Wages Responsibility of Private Sector

Greek supreme court has declared all wage cuts, in the private or public sector, should be applied equally over all working people in the entire country, government employees or not.

The cutting of police, military and coast guard wages has been deemed unconstitutional. They now stand to get a lump sum back payment for “lost” wages.

This is a classic example of the extreme socialism that had led the country to the situation it is in today.

The cut in wages of these public sector employees has been considered prejudicial by the country’s supreme court.

It has been viewed as prejudicial that the government employees are having their wages cut because the government is unable to pay their wages.

To quote the article

” the burden for national and social solidarity is placed, not selectively, but on each and every employed citizen working in the private and public sector.”

What’s next?

Employees in the private sector  who have had their wages cut will sue their employer for wages cuts because the wage cuts should be applied to all working people equally? I mean if the judgement is good for public sector workers then surely it would be “prejudicial” not to apply the judgment to the private sector



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