Greek Terrorism – Escapee Issues Threats – Leader Implies Greek Police Complicity

Alexandros Giotopoulos, the convicted leader of N17, according to Greek Reporter, has come out and suggested that the Greek anti-terror police (EKAM) are behind his escape.

According to Greek Reporter the convicted terrorist Christodoulos Xeros has issued a warnings against the Greek establishment

Convicted November 17 terrorist Christodoulos Xeros, who walked away from a furlough he was given despite serving six life sentence for six assassinations warned in a video he posted that he’s gunning for political leaders from the ruling New Democracy Conservatives of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his partner, the PASOK Socialists, for imposing austerity.

Alexandros Giotopoulos, the convicted leader of N17, according to Greek Reporter,  has come out and suggested that the Greek anti-terror police (EKAM) are behind his escape.

Giotopoulos also raises serious questions about how November 17th member and now fugitive Christodoulos Xeros was able to disappear. “Why was he given a free pass to run around anywhere he wished to, to the head guard’s office, the Nuclei, the most important inmates? Who gave the order? Of course, it wasn’t the warden or some head guard. They don’t have the authority and can’t undertake the responsibility.”

“The order,” Giotopoulos writes, “came from above,” and more specifically from “Greek Counter-Terrorist and Greece ‘s Intelligence services, and thus from the Government which oversees them.”

Giotopoulos is not the first person who has hinted that EKAM is in some way working with N17

Webster Griffin Tarpley has alleged that N17 is/was completely run and controlled by EKAM, the Greek anti-terror police.

From Webster griffin Tarpley’s book “9/11 Synthetic Terror”, 4th Edition, page 65 – It starts by explaining the context in which state sponsored terrorism is used.

Webster Griffin Tarpley’s book “9/11 Synthetic Terror”,

Terrorism can also be employed to create a radical change in a political situation or political process. A good example from the post war period is the terrorist bombing attack on a bank located in Piazza Fontana in Milan, Italy on December 12 1969, killing 16 and seriously injuring 88 more – a shocking toll in those days and a source of horror for public opinion in general. This bombing took place at the height of the biggest strike wave that Italy had seen since the end of World War 2, the so-called Hot Autumn, in which the automobile workers and metal workers had proven to be especially aggressive and militant. The bombings achieved the remarkable feat of stopping this broadly based and energetic strike wave dead in its tracks. All strikes were called off as the police ran wild, hauling suspected leftist sympathisers in for questioning and intimidating their families. This successful method of social control was called “the strategy of tension” the name well-chosen, since tension is a key factor in psychological conditioning. It includes emergency laws against suspected terrorists and other favorite measures of Ashcroft today.

The Piazza Fontana bombs were blamed by the police and the press on a pathetic group of anarchists, the Bakunin Club. Among the members of the Bakunin Club, which had been thoroughly penetrated by the Italian Intelligence service SID, were the railroad worker Giuseppe Pinelli and the make dancer Pietro Valpreda. Pinelli was pushed to his death from  a fourth story window in police headquarters, while Valpreda was vilified as a subhuman beast by the mass media. When the absurd attempt to pin the atrocity on the anarchists collapsed of its own weight, the next prime suspects became Freda and Ventura, two self-styled “Nazi-Maoists”. More than 20 years after the fact, information came into the public domain that the bombs of Piazza Fontana had been placed by a network called Gladio operating under the control of Nato Intelligence, which evidently feared that the success of the strike wave might lead to the entry of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) into government, which in turn might have led to the erosion of the NATO alliance against the Soviet Controlled Warsaw Pact.

From page 84. Tarpley refers to “November 19″ in his book and not the correct name of November 17, I will let you draw your own conclusions as to the quality of his research.

In the recent history of terrorism, we have been able to observe situations in which the moles inside the state apparatus and the terrorists in the field have become almost impossible to distinguish. In other words, the moles have gone out onto the field as double agents and infiltrators. One such case involves the shadowy Greek terrorist group November 19. This group advertises itself as a reaction to the US backed fascist colonels coup in Greece in 1967. More recently, November 19 has inveighed in its communiques against US imperialism, the capitalist class, the European Community, and Germany which it has defined as the “Fourth Reich” a slogan which smacks of the Thatcher-Ridley regime in Britain in 1989-90. It was the November 19 group which in December 1975 claimed the responsibility for the assassination of Richard Welch, the CIA station chief in Athens. The crime was especially useful to the CIA, to its incoming chief, George H. W. Bush and to the Ford administration in general, who had been on the defensive in intelligence matters for many months because of the aggressive investigations of the Church Committee in the Senate and the Pike Committee in the House, which had unearthed much evidence of illegal and questionable activity by the US spy agencies. The Pike Committee had even issued a contempt of Congress citation against none other than Henry Kissinger, the strongman of the Ford Regime. Columnists friendly to the CIA impudently  blamed the death of Welch directly on the Church and Pike committees, although neither of them had ever mentioned Welch or Athens. (Tarpley 1992 300-301)

Over the years the November 19 organisations, while carrying out some 40 armed attacks and assassinations, demonstrated a remarkable ability to escape capture, evading the most carefully prepared traps and ambushes. Gradually the awareness spread that November 19 somehow had access to information from the secret councils of the Greek anti-terror unit EKAM, Mihalis Mavroleas, was ousted from his job. It soon became evident that the investigators and the terrorists were in fact the same persons! The Greek Minister for Public Order and the national Chief of Police were obliged to come forward with the extremely embarrassing revelation that November 19 possessed a network of spies within the police. The EKAM, which had been founded in 1990 as the anti-terror corps d’elite, had allegedly been completely penetrated! About half of the anti-terror personnel were fired.

But the Athens authorities were clearly doing their best at damage control. As damaging as their revelations were, they were not a damning as the obvious truth, which was that November 19 was in fact a wholly owned subsidiary of the Greek police and intelligence services, perhaps with ties to the CIA and to NATO intelligence. This impression is confirmed by persistent reports of the existence in Greece of a paramilitary formation founded some decades back and supposedly dedicated to the task of organising guerilla warfare against the Soviet occupying forces in case Greece were conquered in the course of some future war. This unit would fit the logic of the stay behind organisation, which has been amply documented in the case of Italy in thew case of Gladio, which we describe below (Wisnewski 1995 395-400)

Something quite similar has been established in regard to the Italian Red Brigades. In 1982 an important official of the Italian Justice Ministry in Rome, Giovannis Senzani, was arrested on the charge of being the head of the Red Brigades in the Naples area.


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