Greece – Record Unemployment – Government Cracks Down On Jobs

In the socialist distopia that is Greece, in a country with record levels of unemployment, the government wants to outlaw job opportunities, regardless of the social cost.

In the socialist nightmare that is Greece we have the following headline today in To Vima 

“SOS for ‘moonlighting’ by IKA

Uninsured 37.8% of workers in checks made”

The country has almost a 30% unemployment rate but the Greek government has decided now is the time to crack down on people who have agreed to work on the understanding that their employer will not pay their social security contributions.

To repeat. Two people have agreed to working conditions ie the employee will work for a wage on the understanding that the employer will not/can not pay their social security contributions.

But the Greek government wants to smash this agreement. The Greek government wants to come in between these two people and force them to terminate their agreement. And the government claims they are doing it in the interest of all concerned.

Try telling that to the mother of two children who is struggling to make ends meet with her part time job and who has taken on a second job, off the books, so she can get her children the things they need and want.

The government does not care. The government wants to outlaw her second job, the government does it in her interest and in the interest of her children.

Socialism has destroyed the Greek economy and socialism is stopping people from adapting.

And the ultimate irony is that and even more socialist party looks to be in the running to become the ruling party in Greece.

Greeks need to wake up. In their day to day lives they are libertarians and yet for some bizarre reason, when it come to voting, they vote socialist.


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