Greek Anti-Terrorism Police, N17 – Bizarre/Extremely Unorthodox – Imminent Attack

To Vima is reporting the following today

The 56 year old Christodoulos Dry has encountered in the last 24hours the 43chronoNikos Maziotis and prepare together a spectacular attack.

These are confidential data available to the Counterterrorism Service the last 24 hours in relation to the movements and plans of 56chronou runaway Christodoulos Dry.

I would have imagined telling the people you are trying to catch that you are close to them would be a mistake.

It would also be a mistake to tell them what information you have but the real cherry on this article is that not only do the Greek anti-terrorism police hint and what information they have they also say when exactly they got that information.

So not only do the alleged terrorists know the police are closing in on them, they have an idea of what information the police has and they also know when they received this information.

You can be sure that with this information the N17 members know exactly what NOT to do and who NOT to speak to and what telephones NOT to use if they want to keep their activities secret.

While I suppose it is to be commended that the police are sharing information on the other hand I think you could argue they are also helping the people they are trying to arrest.

There is a fine line to walked here. For example you have people being arrested in the UK and the state is not obligated to divulge what information they have against the prisoners because it would harm national security.

However I think as soon as you arrest someone, that line is crossed. You must divulge all the information you have which led to the arrest. But in order to catch people you are alleging will carry out a terrorist attack surely it is better not to tell these people the kind of information you have and when you have got this information.

Unless of course the whole story is fiction and serves some other purpose such as making the suspects paranoid in the hope that they will be too scared to try anything.


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