Bitcoin Is Dangerous For 1 Simple Reason

Nothing that threatens the status quo gets mainstream media coverage. Beware of Bitcoin

It is getting mainstream media coverage. Nothing that threatens the staus quo ever gets coverage, let alone a constant stream of new stories like we are seeing on Bitcoin.

We have the ongoing crisis at Fukushima with zero mainstream media coverage

Ron Paul, a truly inspirational leader who was literally robbed on the Republican presidential nomination got zero mainstream media coverage

This is an hilarious example of the “coverage” “change” gets in the mainstream media—corn-polled-edition—ron-paul—the-top-tier

This is what the world was robbed of—ron-paul-extended-interview-pt–1—ron-paul-extended-interview-pt–2—ron-paul-extended-interview-pt–3

So again I say be wary of Bitcoin, something is rotten in Denmark.

And addressing the fundamentals  of Bitcoin, as any experienced hacker will tell you, there is no such thing as secure software, only software that hasn’t be hacked. Yet.

My Bitcoin predictions, my own opinion and not a recommendation. Get in, its going to go up, what I am concerned about is what is going to happen if and when it pops, in a bad way.

And to finish, here is one Bitcoin’s main ambassador’s


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