Greece – Terrorist Suspect Alleges Government Involvement In Attacks

An Albanian arrested for multiple murders has accused members of the Greek government of hiring him to carry out assassinations and the bombing of the court house in Thessaloniki in 2010.


He may have reduced his like expectancy with these statements.

From To Vima

” I’ve done 27 murders in Albania and series of murders in Greece where I lived 14 years in Italy. Even participated in the bombing in May 2010 in the courts of Thessaloniki following command gave me member of a political party . “

 This has, according to information available “Tribune,” the 30-year old Albanian villainJulian Sinani arrested four day in Tirana before the Albanian security authorities. At the same time the 27 year old runaway Trikala prison Ilir Mug , who was arrested a few days ago in the neighboring country, allegedly admitted to officers that step Greeks ” were ready to attack with explosives in Greek prisons to liberate our countrymen . ” The 27 year old alien said organizer of the bloody escape from the prisons of Trikala was 36 year old Lika Flamur Sinan from the region of Kruja, which was uncle of one of the escapees and who was killed along with his nephew Lika Elntison in bloody brawl with police on July 2, 2013 in Koniska Aetoloakarnanias.
Concerns from the Hellenic Police
These new items are disruptive to the Hellenic Police looks after the arrest of the two Albanian criminal to create new data in its investigations on organized crime in our country, for assignments murders and other potential anti-authoritarian relationships with offenders. And all this with the fact that from the first survey conducted in the archives of the Hellenic Police only existed for 30 years Sinani Julian was one … and only traffic violation.
High ranking officers of the Hellenic Police stated in the “Step” that ” if there is even partially confirm those reports mainly Sinan, for which we are still very cautious, we will find ourselves before major surprises and developments . ” However, the Hellenic Police officers were unable even to interrogate him after ban Albanian prosecutor who ” considers it a priority to clarify the dozens of homicides in the neighboring country and Sinan pressed to confess everything . ” However the image is transferred to officers of the Attica Albanian colleagues is that ” this is a very serious matter and may lie ahead in the action of one of the most unscrupulous hirelings. “
Performed contract killings when he was a minor
According to the evidence gathered so far Sinan lived with family members in Greece since 1997 and had begun a criminal action and contract killings when he was still a minor.
It seems to often traveled to neighboring country and then the listed crimes to return to our country, and they often go to Italy. Julian Sinani allegedly confessed to Albanian officials double murder, in the morning Friday, July 1, 2011, two Greek outside the restaurant “mommy” at the intersection of Triptolemos and Persephone, Gazi. Even states that have participated in the bombing, on May 15, 2010, the courts of Thessaloniki, the responsibility of which took the organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. Then unknown clock had placed an explosive device in a bag of garbage left in the toilets for the public, in the basement of the mansion. According to reliable information Sinan claimed that the mandate for the bomb at the court of the State gave political party in Greece, without providing further explanation.However Hellenic Police officers who have sent the file to Albania expressing many doubts about his claim.
The filing Mug
On the other hand Ilir Mug reported extensively in Greek officers what had happened to escape from Trikala prison, with the murder of 25 years of hotel employees during pursuit to the isthmus with the bloody attack in Distomo and death policeman.
 As, however, said senior officers ” the Mug declined to speak for those who have supported the Albanians escaped while we confirmed what we already knew. But he gave us details of the prison were aimed attack. We assume that aimed prisons of Domokos or Malandrino, in order to escape Alket root . “
However the Mug reportedly made ​​the claim that the fray in Thesprotia, where killed Albanian dangerous fugitive Mario Kola , he did not drop a shot and killed “in cold blood”.However the Cup – as they say police – could not explain how injured knee by a bullet Kalashnikovs, a man EKAM that was the point.

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