Greek Terrorism – Zero Tolerance Terrorist Group

This article today highlighting the activities of the group Zero Tolerance who have carried out 19 arson attacks since 2009 with zero progress in the investigation by EKAM, the Greek anti terror police.

A total of nineteen arson attacks mainly against MPs and ministers office has conducted over the period from 2009 until today the organization “Zero Tolerance”, which claimed responsibility for the arson of the office of Interior Minister Yiannis Michelakis, the evening of January 14. The notice of liability was published yesterday on the website of the weekly newspaper “The Mouse” under the title “On Violence.” In the text of the notice, the members of the organization are calling on organizations of the so-called “urban guerrilla” to launch attacks against those directly or indirectly involved the conversion plan Domokos penitentiary in maximum security prison. Named, indeed, their plan “revolutionary call,” as in the past have done the ‘Conspiracy of Cells of Fire “and” Informal Anarchist Federation “(” Plan Phoenix, “” Draft Green Nemesis “etc.). “The aim of the project is the direct and immediate threat of blackmail all those who will participate in any way in the implementation of the plan reconstruction prison Domokos. From politicians and heads of reptiles EKAM to the simple craftsman who will contribute to raising the fence, “says the text of the notice. The author welcomes Chr. Dry “and again in the rebel city” and sends “race speech” to members of the “militant Peoples Revolutionary Forces” which assumed responsibility for double murder members of Chr. Dawn in N.Irakleio. Organization launched its on 29/3/2009 with assaulting the offices of LD Zografou and continued in May 2009 with the burning office of an insurance company in Avenue. In June of the same year he placed an incendiary device in his home Member of NDAssociate Neratzi and private police riot. On July 27, 2009, target of inflammatory attack was political office then LAOS MP Demeter Arapoglou Koukaki. “This lady had the audacity to be rapporteur LAOS in the bill passed and on the widespread use of cameras, taking DNA at the slightest provocation and identification of prepaid,” said the text of liability. Recent attacks More recently, the ‘ Zero Tolerance “took responsibility for the gas canisters in the offices of Members and former Members Pemi Zouni, Christos Protopapas, Vasso Papandreou, Fani Petralia, Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou and in the office of former Prime Minister Costas Simitis, in April 2012. It should be noted that the invitation to take responsibility for the arson, last July, the political bureau of the New Democracy MP FEVRONIA Patrianakos, the “Zero Tolerance” had reason “response to the call of the organization” Folk Group Fighters “(pp. took responsibility for the attack at the offices of New Democracy in Latin Avenue) to create Revolutionary Army ‘.


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