Greece – Supreme Court Declares Government Tyrannical (Nearly)

Greek property tax classed as unconstitutional. No Sh**!

Greek supreme court strikes down property tax as unconstitutional/tyrannical.

The highlights as to why the emergency property tax is tyrannical according to the Greek constitution.

The emergency property tax is imposed according to property criteria (square meters, age etc) and not according to the income of the taxpaying property owner,

Article 78 that clarifies that a tax is collected only if provided by law.

Article 20 that protects the right citizens to go to court,

Yes! The Greek government has been imposing income and property taxes on the unemployed!

Yes! The Greek government has been using a state company to collect taxes!

Yes! The Greek government took away people’s right to go court to plead their case in front of their peers!

Yes! The Greek government was cutting off people’s electricity if they could not pay the property tax!

But the Greek government does not care, they will appeal the decision!

And they will probably win!

The sad thing is the Supreme Court voted 3 to 2 against the law. How the two dissenters justified their position is anyone’s guess.

Here is mine.

They believe as Supreme Court judges they have to do what is best for the country! They believe their job is not only to uphold the law!

This has happened before. Papandreou was nearly charged with treason. The judge agreed with the plaintiff but she said Greece needed the money!

Do these people have no principles?

Are they completely devoid of any understanding of what their duty is?

Let me clarify it for them, you must uphold the law, nothing else! Your “opinion” on anything but the law is irrelevant!

Greece your government is acting against your best interests, they are illegitimate!


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