Greece – Διόδια της Μαλακάσας False Flag – Mayor and Deputies Jailed For Protesting

From Kathimerini.

So the Greek government has brought in road tolls in a completely half arsed manner.

The distance you travel on the road bears no relation to the amount you pay.

This has obviously left some people paying 2 Euro or so, each way, to go to the shops or to drive to work.

People are not impressed so they have protested by blocking a road. Some unknown people have then set a toll booth on fire.

This is what usually happens in Greece. People have a legitimate gripe so they protest en-masse. And then out of the blue unknown persons (*who are never caught) damage property which the media then uses as an excuse to blame the people who are protesting. Even though no one knows who did the damage.

It is text-book false flag behaviour to manipulate public opinion against a legitimate cause and it is not the first time it has happened.

Except things have gone a little further this time and the police have jailed a mayor and his deputies.

The local government has made a play to appease people by saying locals will pay the old, lower price and that people who have a holiday home in the area will be exempt from the tolls.

The people of Malakasa and Greeks in general need to be careful what they wish for when it comes to road tolls.

Local’s use the local roads the most and the purpose of tolls is to charge people more, the more they use the roads.

It makes no sense for the local government of Malakasa to alter the system so people who use the road the most pay a proportionately smaller amount.

The government is proposing to do the exact opposite of what would be considered common sense. The common sense solution would be to reduce the cost of the tolls.

And this is why I say the people of Malakasa and Greeks in general need to understand the consequences of the government’s actions. The government has an agenda.

Following the policy of reducing tolls to locals to its logical conclusion, you end up in this situation.

Tolls will be extortionately high. Locals will get a discount. The problem arises when people want to travel to other parts of the country.

Reducing tolls for locals will be fine, as long as you do not leave the area where you live or work.

Could it be the government is forcing people to travel less? Could it be that the government wants people to use public transport instead of their car if they want to travel a long distance?

Yes it could. The government wants to stop people using cars as much. This is what the UN says about cars and public transport.

This is what the UN’s agenda 21 says about Greece.

The policy of high petrol prices and the high cost of road tolls makes it harder for people to move which will lead them being consigned to their “parish” unless they are prepared to pay exorbitant fees to their master/government.

In summary the protesters of road tolls are 100% correct.

The roads were funded by taxpayers.

The motorists pay enough taxes to pay for the maintenance of the roads many times over.

There is no reason for their to be tolls on public roads.

The reason government imposes tolls on new roads is that they get paid on both ends.

On the one end the government gets money from the taxpayer to build the road and when it is opened

On the other end the toll company then pays the government a percentage of the tolls revenue in order to have the concession.

The motorist gets shafted twice.

The government wins, the toll company wins. The taxpayer and motorist is the big loser. Not only do they pay taxes for something that is then given to someone else, they also have to pay more money to the person that took their road! This is literally robbery of the highway and then highway robbery.

It is the same as a thieve stealing your car and then renting it back to you. With the government’s blessing.

If the toll road company built the road there would be no issue, they could charge as much as they wanted. But in Greece, toll roads and paid for by the Greek people and not the toll road companies ergo it belongs to the people, a private company should not be involved. The fact that they are is a blatant demonstration of fascism.


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