Andreas Antonopoulos – Agent for Newsweek? Goodman Set Up? Rogan a Pawn?

Has Dorian Nakamoto and Joe Rogan been used as pawns to promote the relaunch of Newsweek magazine and to discredit a journalist investigating child abuse on the island of Jersey?

I was going to write an article asking if it was possible that Andreas Antonopoulos has been sent on to try to stop Newsweek from being sued by Dorian Nakamoto.

And then I realised that the journalist who is at the centre of the controversy is Leah McGrath Goodman. A journalist that has been ruffling more than a few feathers amongst the British establishment with her investigations of a children’s home on Jersey. To get an idea of the magnitude of her investigations, she was banned from entering the UK.

Her website highlights all the details

Andreas Antonopoulos was on the Joe Rogan Podcast fulfilling his usual ambassadorial role for Bitcoin.

He has been on before so I thought nothing of it until they started talking about Dorian Nakamoto and how he was mistakenly/wrongfully “accused” of being the creator of Bitcoin.

Nothing unusual about that except Andreas Antonopoulos started framing the story in a way that struck me as awkward.

For a start he said that the creator of Bitcoin should remain anonymous because “they” would smear the founder if he was ever found.

Who would smear him and why?

He then shows the Newsweek cover in all its glory for an extended period of time while at the same time saying things like

“Newsweek fucked up big time”,

“they made a mistake”,

“and worst still the doxed him, they put up his picture, picture of his house and a picture of his car’s number plate”

“the man was swamped by crazies”

“it was a really horrible thing to do”

“it was a very irresponsible thing to do”

“if they carry out crappy journalism we have the right to call it crappy journalism”

and all this time Andreas Antonopoulos his holding up the copy of Newsweek that features all the bad stuff he is talking about so people can go out and read it.

Bizarre is one word to describe it

Joe Rogan then goes on to quite rightly say Dorian Nakamoto should sue the “fuck” out of Newsweek, Andreas Antonopoulos completely shuts down Joe Rogan at this point stating that the “first amendment” is very strong”

Whatever the case maybe, anybody has the right to sue someone if they feel they have been harmed, for Andreas Antonopoulos to come out and be so categorical in his assertion that Nakamoto would have no case, is again, bizarre.

And I should add, Andreas Antonopoulos is still showing the world the offending issue of Newsweek that features Nakamoto’s face, house and his car’s number plate.

Regarding Joe Rogan’s lawsuit suggestion, Antonopoulos says that Nakamoto would have to show damages, implying that he has not been damaged by “crazies” “swamping him”. Okay, so if he believes that, why does he then take it upon himself to start a fundraiser for Nakamoto?

And the bizareness continues.

Next Antonopoulos went round to Nakamoto’s house to give him the proceeds from the fundraiser and as part of that he made a video with Nakamoto holding a copy of the offending issue of Newsweek front and centre while thanking everyone for the donations while Antonopoulos is sitting silently next to Nakamoto as he is making is speech.

The video is cringe worthy, not for the things Nakamoto says but because there is this guy (Antonopoulos) sitting in the frame serving no purpose. And if anything it comes across to me as if Antonopoulos is there as minder making sure Nakamoto says the right things.

Another thing to note in the video is that there is absolutely no mention of “the damage that Newsweek did” (Antonopoulos’ own words) just Nakamoto holding up an issue of Newsweek, the issue that did all the “damage”

Alice in Wonderland stuff.

Joe Rogan then quite rightly asks why Newsweek were still defending their story by asking what Nakamoto’s background is (It has already been established that Dorian Nakamoto worked on classified government projects.) to which Antonopoulos gives the shut down reply of “we have publicised him enough, he just wants to be left alone” (but only after he makes a video to show the world how great BitCoin is!)

I know I keep saying it, but the conversation is bizarre.

You can see it here. Skip to 2.02 to go straight to it.

It was Newsweek’s launch issue and the article was written by arguably one of the world’s most respected investigative journalists.

Do I believe Dorian Nakamoto is the creator of BitCoin? Let me put it this way, I respect the work of McGrath.

Do I believe the story was a publicity stunt, whether the story was true or not? Absolutely

Do I believe Antonopoulos was sent on a round of PR engagements to pump Newsweek? Absolutely

Do I believe Antonopoulos was sent to keep Nakamoto from taking legal action against Newsweek? It is a strong possibility.

Do I believe Joe Rogan’s podcast was used as a vehicle to promote the whole dog and pony show? Absolutely.


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