Scottish Referendum Information – Its Not About The Money

There is a lot of nonsense information about the Scottish Referendum.

Scottish Referendum Information

All the major parties, Yes & No are focussing on the money aspect, will the Scottish be better off part of the UK or outside. But this is all a distraction.

Scottish Referendum Information – The Reason

The point of Scottish is independence is simple.

Do Scots believe they are a nation of rugged individuals or a nation of people who need help from England to survive?

The money aspect has nothing to do with Scottish Independence, it is a matter of principle.

Scottish Referendum Information – The Early Days Of Independence

I don’t think anyone is under the illusion that there is going to be teething problems, that things might not run so smoothly at the beginning but this should not put Scots off voting Yes for independence from London.

The socialist leaning of the SNP is not going to be sustainable in Scotland.

The Scots using the pound when they gain independence is also not realistic.

But again, these are side points to the main issue. A Yes vote in the Scottish Referendum is the main goal here, socialist and capitalist parties can compete for control of Scotland when Scotland has its independence.

Scottish Referendum Information – Is Scotland “Too Small”?

Many people say that Scotland is too small to survive in a globalized world but all the evidence points to the opposite being true. The smallest countries in the world, are more often than not, much wealthier than larger countries.

A few examples.


Hong Kong



San Marino







The common theme running through the policies of all these countries is that they have low taxes and low regulations.

A socialist government maybe the first government to rule an independent Scotland but it is clear which direction Scotland needs to go if it is too become one of the richest countries in the World.

Scottish Referendum Information – What Do Scots Want?

The question Scots have to ask themselves is this.

Do they want to live in a country which has massive taxation and regulation, as they do now, in return for handouts from London.

Or do Scots want to live in a country where taxes are low, where economic freedom is high and where each Scot will be free to realise their full potential.

If Scots want the first option they need to vote No in the Scottish Referendum

If Scots like the idea of low taxes and small government they must vote Yes in the Scottish Referendum

I am not saying it is going to be plain sailing, especially in the first few years of independence but in the long run the only way is up for an independent Scotland.

Ignore the policies of the current Scottish ruling party you are voting for the long term prosperity for Scotland, for the prosperity of your children and your grand children.


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